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Introduction:Human Resource management is crucial for any business organisation as it is mainlyresponsible for the proper management of the most important resource of the organisationwhich is human resource [ CITATION PBa12 \l 16393 ]. Other than managing the humanresource, another important function of drawing human capital for the organisation in order toachieve organisational goals is also performed by the human resource management. This isachieved by the human resource department by performing the function of recruitment andselection. Recruitment is the process through which the potential candidates are encouragedto apply for the positions within an organisation whereas selection is the process of choosingthe candidate who best suits the requirements of the job[ CITATION PBa12 \l 16393 ]. Thefollowing paper aims at evaluating the effectiveness of using the traditional interview processso as to select the best suited candidate for the required position in the organisation. In orderto make the best decision and to select the best candidate, the main factor is to use the bestmethod of selection. The following report is based on the effectiveness of using thetraditional interview process as main method of selecting the potential candidate. In order tohave the best probability of selecting the best candidate, it is imperative that the interviewprocess is reliable as well as its validity needs to be high.3
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Recruitment and selection is one of the crucial functions that is performed by the HRM ofalmost all the organisations belonging to any sector or any industry. The need for therecruitment and selection arises when the HR planning forecasts the need for the additionallabour or employees for the organisation [ CITATION PBa12 \l 16393 ]. As a result, theorganisation recruits the candidates and select the most appropriate candidate for the vacantpositions in the organisation. Recruitment is considered as one of the most important parts of Human ResourceManagement as it is concerned with the process of drawing the most important organisationalresource which is the human resource or human capital. Recruitment may be defined as theprocess which is concerned with attracting the potential candidates with appropriate skillsand qualifications on timely basis so as to enable them to apply for the vacant positions in theorganisation [ CITATION GRe141 \l 16393 ]. The main objective of the recruitmentprocess id to create a pool of appropriate and suitable candidates so as to fill the vacantpositions in the organisation. However, the methods of recruitment must be cost effective aswell as efficient. The recruitment process consists of two main parts i.e. job description andperson specification. Job description is mainly the written document in which the scope,purpose, responsibilities as well as the primary duties that are associated with the job areclearly mentioned[ CITATION GRe141 \l 16393 ]. On the other hand, the main elementsof the person specification are the experience, personal attributes and qualifications that mustbe possessed by the candidate in order to get selected for the particular position within anorganisation[ CITATION GRe141 \l 16393 ]. Selection is the process which is mainly concerned with choosing the most appropriate andbest suitable candidates for the vacant positions within the organisation from among the poolof candidates available for the position [ CITATION JAM15 \l 16393 ]. Selection is againimportant part of effective human resource management as it helps the organisation in hiringthe best as well as quality candidate for the posts. In addition to this, it acts as the factor ofsuccess for the organisation as the right candidate for the job helps in increasing theefficiency as well as the productivity of the organisation by providing quality services andsatisfaction to customers and thus helps in building the positive image of the organisation[ CITATION PBa12 \l 16393 ]. The organisations may choose from a variety of selectionmethods in order to analyse the potential of the candidate for the suitability to the vacantpost. 4
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