Analysis of Article on Organizational and Citizenship Behavior

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Analysis of Article1ARTICLE ANALYSIS -ORGANIZATIONAL AND CITIZENSHIP BEHAVIORBy NameCourseInstructorInstitutionLocationDate
Analysis of Article2Article Analysis -Organizational and Citizenship BehaviorArticle: “Are committed employees more likely to exhibit innovative behaviour: a socialexchange perspective.”This paper looks at organizational aspects and workplace relations, which can be, used indeveloping commitment and enabling a setting that enhances the innovative behavior of nurseswho are working within the Australian health care system. It also provides an insight into thelink between different factors and their influence on enabling employees to have organizationalcommitment and innovative behavior (Brunetto & Xerri 2013).The Australian healthcare system is being affected by a shortage of nurses. Nurses areleaving the profession due to different issues and there is a problem of retention across a numberof Australian hospitals. Many wards in the public and private healthcare institutions are beingforced into closure due to the shortage of nurses. It is therefore in the best interest of healthcareorganizations to delve into the issues that affect nurses such that they cannot maintain theircommitment.When effective relationships in the work place are made, the organization gets a numberof benefits as successful relations amongst staff at different levels in the organization results insharing of information and trust hence making employees feel empowered and they also embraceaccountability (Brunetto & Xerri 2013).This enables them to perform their roles in an efficientand effective manner .The paper hypothesizes as follows:1.There is a relationship between organizational factors on work related outcomes andinnovative behavior of nurses working within Australian healthcare.
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