National Construction Code

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Answer: 1 The national construction code present about minimum technical requirement for newbuilding as well as existing building in Australia. The Australian building codes board isestablished by agreement between commonwealth government, every states and territory.That present about groups of building by present their function and use. The NCC group arehighlighted and classified about how the building should referred. This kind of information isdifficult for all groups and users of all NCC. The following are representation about buildingclassification through NCC. It depends on the national perspective and also present aboutstate and territory variation. The building has been classified according to classes. All classeshave different meaning and different objective. The NCC comprise the building code of Australia with different volume. The volume oneand two consist plumbing code of Australia. Also national construction code is the uniformset of technical provisions for the design and construction of building and other structurethroughout Australia. Answer: 2 The building are classified as per the classes as defined in NCC (national construction code).The classification have labelled in form of class1 to class 10. That also include classificationwith sub classification. The sub classification have mention through alphabetical order froma, b, c etc. the class 2 to class 9 building are mostly cover the entire volume of two of theNCC. The volume three of the national construction code contain plumbing code ofAustralia. The building have been classified as per user and public associate with thatbuilding and construction requirement. The construction of building have more than one1 | Page

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