Article - Standards Existing In Health & Social Care Industries

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IntroductionThis article is about the understanding the standards existing in the health and social careindustries. How are they used to measure the quality? Different approaches used to implementthe quality of the system. This article will also help to identify the barrier in the process and whatare the impacts. It will also help to suggest various ways improve the quality of the service ofhealth and social care industries and help the reader to evaluate their service regarding bothexternal and internal services.LO1 1.1 Stakeholders perspective regarding quality in the field of Social and Health careWho are stakeholders?Stakeholders are all the people who are directly or indirectly connected to theorganization. They are basically categorised into two types: internal and external. Internalstakeholders are owner of firm, employees, managers of different departments, etc. Whereasexternal ones are customers, government bodies, etc. It is important for business entities tosatisfy every stakeholder in their perspective (Huotari et al. 2016, p.869). are differentstakeholders whose perspective for quality differs. For a social and health care field, the majorstakeholders are owners, government bodies, staff, patients, etc. Quality related perspective ofdifferent type of stakeholders are explained below:Internal stakeholders- These types of stakeholders involve owners, who link quality withthe business value of their entity. They are highly concerned with the amount of moneyto be spend to attain quality, thus they always try to possess effective and efficientoperations so that they can reduce the expenses associated with the quality enhancement.The employees seek quality in their job security, promotion, dignity etc. (Mohammed etal., 2016). Whereas for managers, it is the effectiveness of their employees.External Stakeholder- The most crucial external stakeholders are the patients. For them,quality have many measures, it involves the services offered to them, price associatedwith those services, behaviour of staff with the, way organisation treats their relatives,etc. It is the most significant and challenging task of an entity to satisfy the patients.

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