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ASSESSMENT Business Practice PortfolioAssignment 1 Assessment TitleAssignment 1Unit TitleBusiness Practice PortfolioUnit CodeBSS021-3Number of Credits30Unit LeaderEliot LloydAssessment Weighting (%)30%Issue DateUnit week 1Submission Deadline13th January 2017Procedure for submission Electronic copy via BREO Expected Return Date3 working weeks after submissionDescription of Assessment TaskThis is an individual assessment.You are required to produce an artefact of no more than 4 pages. This artefactneeds to be closely referenced using Harvard referencing and must clearly demonstrate the use of the tools, techniques and approaches that you have used and the outcome of their use. You are expected to illustrate the artefact with relevant diagrams and data.You will be presented with a business problem facing a company. The problemwill be presented in weeks 1 and 2 and you will work in groups to understand the terms of the problem and the expectations of the business partner.You may work in groups but the submission must be individual and distinct from any group member’s.

You will use appropriate problem solving methods to identify the key issues and to propose a realistic solution to the problem.You must understand what is the scope of the problem and the expectations of the business partner.The emphasis of this project will be on developing and demonstrating your ability to manage the project and produce a realistic solution.Skills developed in this assignment will help in the successful delivery of assignment 2.Threshold standards:Demonstrate an ability to organise and complete a project and produce reasonable solutionsGuidelines and Additional InformationYou may form your own study group to discuss the topic. However, each student is required to submit an individual report, comprising their own understanding, review, critical analysis and recommendations regarding the issue that you will be givenYour report will be well presented and logically organized. Good clear presentation using an appropriate structure demonstratingeffort to communicate effectively will result in higher grades.You are expected to use quality sources of evidenceUse of the Harvard referencing style for citing references – see http://lrweb.beds.ac.uk/guides/a-guide-to-referencing/referencing. This not only applies to the bibliography but also to in-text references.

Submission deadline:Submission deadline is 1000 am TBC. The report must be submitted electronically via BREO. Please note that no other form of submission will be accepted and failure to meet the deadline may be regarded as a non-submissionUnit Learning Outcomes assessed: Knowledge and understandingDemonstrate understanding of tools and techniques for analysing and evaluating business issues through the use of academic theories and concepts from a variety of disciplines to aid decision making.Skills and abilitiesSelect and apply appropriate tools and frameworks to analyse business issues so as to generate and evaluate potential solutions. Word Limit1,500 wordsFormat Word documentResources/Support AvailableWeekly 2 hour workshopsLecture material, case study, recommended texts, library resourcesAssessment CriteriaPlease refer to the Assessment Criteria on the Excel SpreadsheetPeer / Self Assessment RequiredNODetails of how feedback will be providedBREO

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