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ASSIGNMENT 2 – CASE STUDY 2Assignment #2 – Case Study 21
ASSIGNMENT 2 – CASE STUDY 2Part BIntroductionBasis the case of Mr. P who is seventy six years old and suffering due to congestive heart failurealong with cardiomyopathy, it is significant to comprehend the treatment plan (Ponikowski et al.,2016; Vulesevic et al., 2016; Maron et al., 2015; Remo et al., 2014). The approach to care drawnfor Mr. P is significant as it will help in a systematic implementation taking place. While itstands to be crucial that an education plan needs to be well explained to Mr. P and his wife basisthe case, the teaching plan would play a significant role.Approach To CareApproach to care would encompass a dedicated plan while exhibiting multidisciplinary strategiesin order to manage Mr. P. Based on Mr. P’s condition; he has difficulty in managing the dietrestrictions (Ponikowski et al., 2016; Vulesevic et al., 2016; Maron et al., 2015; Remo et al.,2014). It is significant that a diet plan is chalked for intake on a daily basis.The fluid restrictions too need to be well managed. The control of sodium in diet and avoidingexcess fluid intake in case of Mr. P is crucial as he is having congestive heart failure and beingtreated for CHF symptoms (Ponikowski et al., 2016; Vulesevic et al., 2016; Maron et al., 2015;Remo et al., 2014). Monitoring of symptoms and assisting Mr. P with the tailored advice thatneeds to be provisioned needs to form part of approach to care.2
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