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Assignment - Marketing Essential Of ALDI UK

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Added on  2020-02-05

Assignment - Marketing Essential Of ALDI UK

   Added on 2020-02-05

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Assignment - Marketing Essential Of ALDI UK_1
IntroductionMarketing can be considered as the effective business process that is used forpromoting the products and services in an effective manner. It is essential for every businessorganizations to know how to develop proper plans for ensuring the success of anorganization. In this era of modernization, it has become crucial for the organizations to makeproper plans for expanding the business successfully. To sustain in this competitivemarketplace, the organizations must focus on proper marketing that is effective for attractingthe potential customers to buy their products and services. For attaining the success, it is very important for the organization to satisfy the needsof their customers. Planning is one of the most effective tools that have a huge impact ongrowth of the organization. Through this assignment, the learner has tried to highlight themarketing essentials of Aldi, which is known as one of the leading supermarket chains ofUK. In addition to this, this assignment has also focused on explaining the role of marketingand tried to interrelate it with the other functional units of Aldi. Task 1:LO 1: Explaining the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functionalunits of AldiP1 Explaining the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function for AldiThe profitability of a business mainly depends on the marketing department of anorganization. As mentioned by Wilson and Woodbum (2014, p.363), the marketingdepartment has the overall responsibility for increasing the market share and growing therevenue for the organization. By effective marketing plan it is possible for the organizations to satisfy therelationship with their customers that are very effective for the customers as well as theorganization also. Marketing department of Aldi, must play a vital role for attaining the goalsand objectives of the organization. The first and foremost duty of a marketing team is tolisten to the needs of the customers. 2
Assignment - Marketing Essential Of ALDI UK_2
For establishing an effective marketing strategy, it is necessary for the organization toget closer to their clients. By making a healthy relationship with the customers, Aldi canunderstand the changing demands of their customers. To design an efficient marketing plan,the marketing department needs to receive customer feedback at a regular basis. Themarketing department of Aldi has taken an effective initiative by conducting survey thathelps them in capturing proper information from the sales team and the customers for makingeffective business strategies for future.As mentioned by Simmons and Becker-Olsen (2006, p.169), marketing functionrefers to the activities that are conducted by the organizations for carrying out a well-designed marketing plan which is necessary for gaining competitive advantage from themarketplace. The marketing manager is responsible for finding out the factors that are neededfor conducting effective strategies for marketing. As the business sphere is not directly related to the customers, it is one of the majorresponsibilities for the manager to plan strategies for attracting this consumer market. Primeaim of these marketing functions is to analyze the target market for strategies plan as per theneed. By analyzing the market, it is possible for Aldi to know the changing taste of thecustomers and design the products as per the market demands. It is essential for the markets to design their strategies keeping in mind that caninfluence the minds of the customers. Tanner and Raymond (2011, p.49) stated that, a propermarket research should be conducted by the manager or having a clear idea of what thecustomers want from the company. This research is also effective for gathering a clearunderstanding about the market opportunities. In this way, Aldi can create a market niche for promoting their products effectively. Itis also able to provide a perception about the market competitors how to outrun them. Formaking a clear outline, it is essential for them to develop a marketing strategy. On the otherhand, it can be stated that by making a clear outline, an organization can measure theimprovements. Customer relationship is also an important part of this procedure. With the assistance of available customer data Aldi can make a customer satisfactionsurvey that is very effective for future market planning. Through sharing this informationwith marketing experts and customer, care executives Aldi can ensure an excellent customer3
Assignment - Marketing Essential Of ALDI UK_3
service that is essential for building strong bond with their customers. Apart from this,Semenik (2002, p.96) opined that, employee management is also vital because it is one of themost important duties of a marketing manager is to recruit efficient staffs who are best suitedfor their organization. It is one of the essential responsibilities of a manager is to ensure thatall the individuals are working together towards a common organizational goal. Bymotivating the employees, the managers can encourage them to perform better for attainingthe business objectives. The management operation through with goods and services change from idea to theconsumer is marketing. It exist products development,identification,cost etc. Most smallbusinesses sale to other businesses or to consumers and the form B2B and B2C stand forthese connection in short form. In B2B, the products and services of the business aremarketed to the another businesses. In B2C, the last consumer is the consumer with a B2Cbusiness like housecleaning services,restaurants and retail stores.P2 Explaining how roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the widerorganizational context for AldiThe recent buying behavior of the customer and their preference to buy products ischanging continuously. They like to buy branded products rather than relying on the localcommodities. Per Mylonakis (2003, p.814), for making an identity in this global marketplace,it is essential for the organizations to create strong brand awareness for attracting morecustomers and convincing them to buy their products.It is also effective for the organization that helps them in maintain their individualstand in this competitive market. The marketing department of Aldi must take an effectivepart in formation of proper marketing for lining with the overall organizational strategy andobjectives ( 2016). As opined by Grieves, (2003, p.58), the formation of an organization necessitates theexecution of the activities of the marketing department of the company because it helps in thebasic stage that is essential for promoting their products and services in an efficient manner.The major responsibility of a marketing department is to formulate the marketing essentialsthat are very effective for determining the activities of the marketing team, which isnecessary for achieving the ultimate goals of the organization. Kendreick (2006, p.85)4
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