Nation Building Singapore

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Running head: NATION BUILDING SINGAPORENATION BUILDING SINGAPOREName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
The national consciousness is the basic reason of nation building procedure but itsessential condition is actual reinforcement. Some vital factors of a nation’s growth areInnovationFlexibility in social structureSocial framework for supporting skillsNationalismNationalismThe procedure of nation building unifies nationalism depends on two elements such asSocial organization and New consciousness. Nation building procedure desires newassistances, actions along with dependability. On the other hand, nation building isimpossible if the government does not eliminate its outdated social structures, altereducational systems and traditional cultural values. Social transformation influences all levelsof life as well as the human society.Nationalist movement motivated the people for independence and influenced them forinclusive growth which included political management, educational system improvement andfinancial development. This focus on inclusive growth has led to human right activities andpaved a great way towards the independence. Due to this reason in Singapore, the traditionalsocial system was replaced by new conciseness.The nation building procedure of Singapore was started from its first self-government.During this time the citizens participated actively in the political activities to maintaintransparency in the administration of the country. This political propaganda graduallyinfluenced the development and shifted the country from theindustrial estate to a powerfulindustrialize economy.Propaganda
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