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The following assignment will mainly discuss the journal articles which will help to prove the claim made and thereby help to decrease the chances of patient harm in hospitals and increase patient safety. It also discusses the key strength of the study i.e skills and knowledge which is necessary for the nurse to handle culturally sensitive patients and enhance their safety.

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Running head: NURSING ASSIGNMENTNursing assignmentName of the student:Name of the University:Author’s note
1NURSING ASSIGNMENTIntroduction: Patient safety can be defined as the maintenance of the procedure by which hospitals aswell as other healthcare centers protect the lives of their patients from errors, accidents, injuries,infections and others. Some of the important activities that accounts for patient safety are thedelivery of proper service by the healthcare professionals, proper management of theadministrative body of the centers, right amount of resource allocation by the boards of directorsand the account system and others (Ammouri et al., 2015). The activities of the healthcareprofessionals also play a very vital role. Researchers over the decades have stated that propercultural competency and adequate amount of nursing skills, competency and training ensurepatient safety. The following assignment will mainly depict journal articles which will help toprove the claim made and thereby help to decrease the chances of patient harm in hospitals andincreasing patient safety.Literature review:Theme A: Handling cultural sensitive situations in health carea.Self-assessment of cultural competency- i.Study 1- (A mixed method study of nurse’s self assessment of cultural competency)-The research by Alpers & Hanssen, (2014) aimed to investigate how nurse assessedtheir culturally competency to deal with patients from different background. Asmajority of nurses tend to lack cultural competency, the study findings showed thatknowledge about illness and treatment philosophies does not enhance cultural
2NURSING ASSIGNMENTcompetency in nurses, it is dependent on knowledge of intercultural systems andculturally competent care.b.Engaging in emotional labor to handle culturally sensitive patient-i.Study 1: (Dispensing emotions- Norwegian community nurse’s handling of diversityin organizational context)- The qualitative research by Debesay et al., (2014) utilizedthe concept of emotional labour to identify whether nurse can handle ethnic minoritypatients in the context of pressures. The findings gave the indication that languagebarriers and unfamiliar cultural traditions challenges nurses in dealing with minoritypatients. The demand for efficiency in professional work and time constraints alsoaffects the nurse ability to deal with minority patients. Hence, organizational changesis required to develop the confidence of nurses in handling culturally sensitivesituations.c.Implementation of cultural competence skills program to handle culturally sensitivepatient:i.Study 1: (The effectiveness of cultural competence program on ethnic minoritypatient-centered health care- a systematic review)- The systematic review by Renzahet al., (2013) gave the idea that effect of patient-centered care model on improvingcultural competence in health care staffs. It was found to have positive effects onstaffs as the program increased their knowledge about cultural sensitivity. ii.Study 2: (Cultural and language difference as a barrier to provisions of quality care byworkforce in Saudi Arabia)- The research by Almutairi, (2015) aimed to identify thechallenges in faced by workforce due cultural and language difference in Saudi

The review of literature on the theme of culturally sensitive care and the impact of low competencies on patient safety gave many important implications for nursing practice development.

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