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Assignment objectives :.

Added on -2019-09-16

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Assignment objectives :the objective of this assignment is to enable student to demonstrate thier ability to :- Develop and use ASP.NET User controls.- Integrate Third party Web API's- Employ basic authentication mechanisms .Assessment specification :club members would like the facility to conatact each other at short notice to arrange Hackathon eventswith other members of the are required to create 2 user controls to facilitate this functionality.- Messaging user control _ this user control with utilise a 3rd party messaging system to allow the members to send SMS messages from the website. Members should be able to enter a phone number and a message and hit send.- Facebook integrated login _ users should not be able to post messages until they have successfully logged in using thier facebook account.Resources -Facebook API : SMS API : username : ciamacdonnchaaccount password: 8urrkbh5hj4iand there is limited credit on this account , so try not to burn through too much of it by sending a many messages .

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