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Assignment on frequency distribution PDF

Added on - 16 Jun 2021

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STATISTICSHI6007 GROUP ASSIGNMENT[Pick the date]Student Name
Question 1(A)Frequency distributionNormal view of frequency distributionFormula view of frequency distribution(B)Histogram1
Shape of the graph: AssymetricReason: Right tail > Left tail indicating pesence of positive skew(C)The appropriate measure of central tendency is linked to the shape of the graph. If theshape tends to the symmetric, then mean serves as the best indicator of central tendency.However, in this particular case, the asymmetric shape of the histogram above impliesthat median would be a better choice as if there are outliers present in the data, themedian value would not be impacted by their presence (Flick, 2015).Question 2Normal view of ANOVA table2
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