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Symmetrically shaped Graph Assignment PDF

Added on - 18 Jun 2021

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Question 1(a)Frequency Table (Shi &Tao, 2008)(b)HistogramThe above graph has a shape which would be termed asymmetric owing to the right tail beinglenghtier than the left tail which would not occur in a symmetrically shaped graph (Flick, 2015).1
(c)The shape of the above graph would impact the choice of the central tendency measure.Here, the non-symmetric shape provides indication that mean would not be suitable sinceit could show a higher value of mean under the influence of some high values called asoutliers (Taylor &Cihon, 2004). Thereby, preferred central tendency measure would bemedian since the abnormal values do not impact median (Hillier, 2016).Question 2ANOVA(a)Hypothesis TestingIn context of slope coefficient of X, test statistic is -8.617 yielding a p value of 0.00. In line withthe p value approach, the comparison of the computed p value with 5% α provides requisite2
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