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Assignment on Nurse Informatics System

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Added on  2020-02-18

Assignment on Nurse Informatics System

   Added on 2020-02-18

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1NURSINGIntroductionThe important aspect of the high quality care is Patient-centred care. It can be facilitatedby the nurses by using the informatics and online social media system. The assignment identifiesthe key features of the online social media system and nurse informatics system. The essayevaluates the quality of both the systems in terms of delivering the nursing practice and personcentred health care. Both the systems are evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the systemin relation to the elements such as efficiency, dissemination of information, potential risks andethical considerations in regards to the confidentiality, privacy, management of patient,opportunities for innovation and therapeutic relationship with the patients and the colleagues.The analysis will consider the relevant policies at heath service level and the regulatory level. Person centred careRight information is essential for the patient to get the right care, at right time and at rightplace. Thus, the heart of the person centred care is the information technology for giving rightinformation to the patient by the right care provider. Person centred care can be defined as caringfor an individual in a manner that adds value and meaning. It includes involving the patient in thecare process and decision-making. Person centred care is the principle of nursing that involvestreating each person individually, and developing therapeutic relationship with the care user.This therapeutic relationship is based on understanding the patients and on mutual trust betweencare providers and users (Entwistle & Watt 2013, p. 30). The first principle of the person centred care is to respect the cultural values, preferencesand needs of the patient so that can participate in the decision-making. The client will feel that
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2NURSINGthe dignity, respect and autonomy are maintained. The second principle is the coordination andintegration of care. Coordination of care can alleviate the feelings of powerlessness and beingvulnerable. This principle indicates the coordination of clinical care, ancillary support, frontlinepatient care. The third principle is to give right information and education on the illness topromote health promotion. The fourth principle is to enhance the physical comfort, andemotional support to decrease fear and anxiety. The fifth principle is to involve the patient’sfamily, friends and relatives. The sixth principle is to help the patient in continuing self-care afterdischarge or transition. It means that the patient should be able to access the social, physical,clinical, and financial support continuously (Eaton Roberts & Turner 2015). Analysis The use of the informatics system and the online social media system are discussed in thesubsequent sections. Health informaticsInformatics deals with the use of technology to acquire and store health care information.Nurses use informatics to provide parent centred care by providing them the mechanism toprovide their clinical information to the clinicians. The clinicians to integrate the information toimprove patient care can use this data (Snyder et al. 2011).The nurses to manage the complicated oncology data and workflows use electricalhealth record system. The foundational module of the EHR is ePAS which stands for “electronicPatient Administration System”. It facilitates for free and open source software According toHanna (2017, p. 495) this tool is effective to enhance the on time care, patient safety, patientcenteredness and efficiency. The advantage of this tool is it assists the nurses in giving update to
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3NURSINGthe multiple members of the care team. In a given time more than one member of themultidisciplinary team can access, share, the information to be used for point care. It will help inquick decision making without any delay in the data retrieval and transfer. This tool bridges thecommunication gap between the patients and the nurses. Therefore, it is the enablers it is theenabler of the patient catered care. In addition to the above two potential, there is a need of usingappropriate technologies, else it is difficult to harness the potential of informatics.Informatics allows the nurses to enhance the patient centred care and care quality by theparticipatory care record for the EHR. This novel approach allows using a dynamic displaysystem. This system does not allow the patient’s vast history to get buried in hundreds of pages.It also displays the important aspects of their lives and the patterns of responses at the point ofcare. Thus, this approach moves the medical record from the static history. In the static history,medical records are lost, and moving from here facilitates the personalised care. It isadvantageous or the nurses when the patients are not able to speak for themselves (Sewell &Thede 2013). Nurses can also promote the patent centred care using the informatics through use of thepersonal health records (PHR) as well as other health enabling technologies. Patient candocument the critical care information using PHR and share it with the nurses and the clinicians.The use of the web providers improved the quality of care as the outpatients can communicatewith the nurses for the diagnostic results and access the health records. This model gives thepatient a sense of control over their health information and makes them feel empowered. Thisestablishes collaborative relationship between the nurse and the patients, promotes self-careamong the patients (Demiris & Kneale 2015, p. 15).
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