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Assignment on Plagiarism PDF

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Added on  2021-02-21

Assignment on Plagiarism PDF

   Added on 2021-02-21

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This report will highlight the Academic plagiarism, it will occurs when the another's ideas
or creations are intentionally published as one's own. This report will also include the
importances of the academic integrity to maintain the professionalism in the business
environment. Academic integrity provides high values and worth to your business. This
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report will conclude The importance of the oral and written communication in the business
environment and the role of the business etiquette in an organisation and importance of
rules and values in an organization.
Academic plagiarism is a situation emerges when a content writer continuously uses or
copies the more than four words from the original sources and then presented these as the
writer's own creation and research (Lipson, 2019). This situation is occurs when the writer
repeatedly uses someone else's work without use of quotation marks and without
attribution. Academic plagiarism occurs when the another's creations or ideas or the
another's expression of ideas is wrongfully or intensionally published as one's own . If
someone else's idea, work, passage or design uses by the writers or the wrongfully
appropriation or purloining of the another's works and words occurs the academic
plagiarism. Plagiarism in academic work is constantly repeating without deeply interaction
with someone else's views, by way or argument or the add-on of new material land
displays. There are different types of plagiarism such as direct plagiarism, it is a word to word
arrangement, self plagiarism, accidental plagiarism and mosaic plagiarism. Straight academic
plagiarism appears where only odd words is deleted or added and when the minor changed in
capitalization, in wording and in sentence structure. Self plagiarism is emerges when a student
without permission of their professor submitted his owns previous work or submitting the same
work of assignment in various classes. Mosaic plagiarism occurs when writer finds the synonyms
for the original sources and keep the same meaning and sentence structures of the original
(Cronan, Mullins and Douglas, 2018). Accidental plagiarism occurs when the writer uses the
same words or same group of words, sentence structures or languages without attribution.
Internet plays a vital role in plagiarism such as it made plagiarism trouble free. Internet also
increased the plagiarism temptation.
Internet plays a vital in plagiarism. Internet made the plagiarism is very easy. Internet
have two impacts on the plagiarism. Internet enhanced the plagiarism's temptation and made it
more common. Internet helps in detecting of plagiarism faster. Internet has solved the contract
cheating. Internet has creates new standards and policies of citation. Internet has a dual edged
sword for plagiarism. Internet captures the plagiarism very effectively. Before the internet,
plagiarism was very difficult task.
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Academic integrity is importantly relevant to professionalism in a business environment-
Academic integrity means to avoid plagiarism. For maintaining the higher business
environment academic integrity plays a vital role. Academic integrity is the most important
fundamental principle of leadership in a business. Having academic integrity which means
that others have a great trust on you. It is very important because academic integrity
provides high reputation and value to your business. Maintaining academic integrity in any
organization represents its values, morals and creditability and it creates the high
professionalism in a business environment. It has provides great goodwill to your
organization. Academic integrity have five fundamental rules- trust, honesty, respect,
responsibility and fairness that all are positively affects the business environment.
Employee having a great honesty, fairness, responsible and trustful has created a high
professionalism in a business environment. Business or employees with integrity are
accountable, reliable and will work fairly, honestly and in a responsible way that generates
the good professionalism in a business environment. They will treat their customers,
stakeholders and co-workers respectfully. Academic integrity is very essential for
maintaining the esteem and protecting the standards of the business. Ethical practices by
organization's employees and professional behaviour are considered as essential graduate
attributes. Professional and ethical behaviour on workplace are an vital standard of
workplace professionalism. So, it is very primary for business workers to conduct all the
operational activities in a ethical manner with maintain huge responsibly. For maintaining
the great professionalism in a business environment organization's have to approach the
high standards of academic integrity. For example Jonah Lehrer resigned their writer position
because he was done many self plagiarism in many quotes for their book.
For avoiding plagiarism Communication skill is very crucial in any business environment.
Communication is very important in the workplace for conducting all activities (Bodnar
and Clark, 2017). Business communication skills plays a important role in any business
success. Various Skills are necessary in oral and written communication in the business
environment- Oral communication means using verbal words, spoken or speeches for
sending or receiving the messages. Written communication means using the written words,
text messages, emails or letters for sending or receiving the messages or data. To avoid
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