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Organizational Learning 1
The learning organizations refer to the group of people who are working collectively to
achieve their goals and objectives. There are certain barriers to organizational learning which
involve resistance to change, Individual goals rather than group focus, leadership directives, lack
of value and control. Organizational learning must be supported by strategies through which can
overcome their weaknesses and contribute towards corporate responsibility.
Barriers to Organizational Learning
The major theory of organizational learning-One of the key challenges faced by the
management of any organization is the resistance to change barrier which stops the continuous
learning of employees. The companies need to make continuous technological changes within its
organizational structure. This is not encouraged by the employees. With reference to above
statements, an organization needs to implement theories that can assist in the attainment of goals.
Single Loop Organizational Learning-This implies one feedback loop and strategy will be
modified with the response to the unexpected results. For example- when managers need to find
out the cause of low sales? The sales strategy must be tweaked to bring the sales back and earn
profits (Chang, Tsai & Tsai, 2011).
Double Loop Learning-the strategies and values which govern the action must be changed to
create an environment. For example- the entire sales or marketing process need to rethink the
fluctuations that will take place in the future.
The management must be in the position of communicating effectively with the groups
and understand the need for change. This is how organizational learning theories provide
motivation for success and show feedback has been valued. This is one of the significant aspects
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Organizational Learning 2
of the purpose of decision making. Managers need to overcome the resistance to change and
provide benefits to organizations. Organizational learning is about the system of learning itself.
Organizational learning implies behavioral and structural variables that determine how the
process of learning takes place. The organizational learning needs to collectively increase the
learning capacities of employees working in an organization. Individuals must learn to adopt new
failures and successes at work (Filstad, 2011).
The reasons for different approaches to change, and demonstrate an ability to apply this
understanding to volatile or novel organizational contexts-Change management refers to
transition taking place with the groups, projects, and companies from one state to another. This
term is applied to projects and businesses; it refers to the transitioning process of the project in a
way where it can meet with the changing objectives and requirements. After a certain point of
time in an organization, few changes are required to be introduced. This includes functioning,
marketing and finance, and operations (Lozano, 2011). This is done for the accomplishment of
its goals. Change management involves applying structural methodologies and pre-determined
framework for running the business. One of the barriers which can hinder business success is
leadership changes. In order for an organization to continue to adapt and learn, the employees
must possess leadership qualities that are engaged in the process of continuous learning and
This involves awareness with itself and the company needs to provide the employees
with team training. The tools and software must be provided to employees which helps in
performing the tasks (Boone, 2014). The information technology teams need to respond to the
employee’s lack of knowledge and help in performing specific processes. The Human resource
department along with organizational groups needs to monitor the larger picture of appraisals.
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