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Assignment on Project Management Methodologie

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Added on  2020-05-28

Assignment on Project Management Methodologie

   Added on 2020-05-28

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Assessment 2:PortfolioWeek 6 & 7Student Name:Student ID:Subject Name:Subject ID:Date Due:Professor Name:1 | Page
Assignment on Project Management Methodologie_1
Week 6: Project Management MethodologiesTopic andreadingPersonal LearningOutcomeLearning’s from experienceSupportingdocumentation1.LectureSlides1. ImplementingOrganisational PM 2.OPMImplementationFramework3.Developingblueprint orroadmap4.Column Analysis5.Project Selectionor PortfolioPrioritization6.Prince 21. Basic steps for understandingorganizations readiness has to beascertained.2. A cycle of continuousimprovement has to be designed.the OPM ImplementationFramework.3. Divergence levels between PMand Business ManagementPractices has to be ascertained.4. Structure of Prince 2 as 7Principles, 7 Themes, 7 Processes,Environment, Tailoring.2.RecommendedReadings1.Harold Kezner,2013. Chapter 1.8-1.10 & 10 & 11.25. 2.PMIImplementingOrganizational PMChapter 3PM Implementation in a broadframework of activities includingPrince 2 description is included.The du ties of the Project Board isconsidered to be critical PMImplementation.A comparison of Prince2 as2 | Page
Assignment on Project Management Methodologie_2
3.PMI ManagingChange Preface,Chapters 1, 2 & 3.against PMBoK is made.Lessons are learnt regardingdevelopment of a roadmap activityfor the project. 1.VideosAvailableProjectGovernance byDarya Duma fromProcept AssociatesLtdProject governance by way of PMImplementation is demonstratedthrough a 9 minute video. 2.TutorialKeyconcepts1.Roadmap2.Prince2 andPMBoKPM roadmap is critical to itssuccess. Prince2 allows step bystep application is detailed. Week 7: Project Management Methodologies3 | Page
Assignment on Project Management Methodologie_3

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