Role of Vocational and Educational Activities Assignment

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assignment. REPORT3,200 WORDS (+ / - 10%) in 2 partsLearning Outcome 1: Demonstrate ability to gather and critically evaluate appropriatehealth information from a variety of sources, and apply relevant theoretical perspectivesin order to interpret this to identify a health need for a specific population(part one)Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate insight into the contested nature of health and healthpromotion, and how these debates impact on working to promote health(prioritising healthneed , selecting relevant aims and objectives, relative effectiveness of approaches)Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate problem-solving abilities and critical awareness ofhealth promotion theories by designing a strategy to tackle a health promotion need(thestrategy)Part one:Assessing health needs.Identify and prioritise the health needs of a specific population group, by applyingtheories of health needs(approximately 40% of the wordage)Part two:Addressing health needs.Design a strategic proposal for health promotion to address the prioritized healthneed, utilizing health promotion theories and principles.How to write the assignment:REPORTGive your work atitle:Our title is “Homeless young people”.Use theheadingsbelow to structure your work:Part one:Background(150 words)A concise background that justifies why this group needs attention, with epidemiologicaldata showing they experience poorer health / health inequalities/ are more at risk ofunhealthy behaviour).Use Office of National Statistics, Department of Health, WHO data,or other official body.No need for an overview: “this report will ...etc”Identifying Health NeedsFind 3 research studies into the health needs of your group.(At least one study needs to coverthe group's views on their own health needs).PLEASE SEE ATTACHED ARTICLES I HAVE
HIGHLIGHTED WITH ORAGNE MARKER WHICH unmet NEED I FOUND THEN YOU CAN USE WHICHONES IS MOST SIGNIFICANTUse the studies to complete the table below.Title, year(give a hyperlink to the study)Methodology(primary/secondary,qualitative / quantitative)Approach to needsassessmentFindings(=the health needs)1.Re-building Bridges:Homeless PeoplesViews on theRole of Vocational andEducational ActivitiesinTheir Everyday LivesPlease read articlesAccess to housingIncomeEducation2.homeless healthcare:raising thestandardsPlease read articlesAccess to housingMental health problemHealth needs of realte todrug dependence,alochol3.Wellbeing forhomeless people: aSalutogenicapproachPlease read articlesPovertyAccess to housingEmploymentFinancial supportMental and physical needsThenanalysethese needs byapplyingthehealth needs theoriesofMaslow, Seedhouse, Doyal and Gough 1991.e.g. “X need can be linked to the ..... aspect of A's theory, which shows that .... also the b aspect of B'stheory and the C level of D's theory. Etc.
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