Marketing Plan for a Retail Company


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BA206 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETINGMARKETING PLAN GUIDELINESTOPIC: Your plan to evaluate (include your suggested improvements) a retail company based on course content discussed in class, in text, and updated with your own research. You may select any company you wish. Be sure to select a company that is publicly traded. Preferably, each team will select a company that it knows about or wishes to know more about. You may interview company employees and report what you discovered as part of your Marketing Plan. Interviews can count as one of your resources.All Written Marketing Plans are due prior to the last week of classes which will serve as presentation days for each of the teams/groups. WRITTEN GUIDELINES - format and considerations:The Marketing Plan will contain the following main and sub headings (include main and sub-headings in written work). Look on the Internet, in the Library, and marketing textbooks for Sample Marketing Plans.Cover Page with Company Name and Names of Group Members and the name of the professor (1 p.)Table of Contents (1 p.)Executive Summary (This is listed first but done last.) (1-2 pp.)I. Mission Statement (1 - 2 pp.)State the Company Mission.Explain the company’s personal vision(s) and business goals.Describe business goals and objectives as well as specific strategies to reach them.II. Product/Service (2 – 3 pp.)Identify each the product and service mix. For product(s), identify in terms product classifications.Differentiate products/services in terms of National Brands and Store BrandsDescribe product/service weaknesses.Describe product lines, and new products/services that will be introduced.Identify percent of annual sales and total dollar amount each product/service represents.III. Market (3 – 4 pp.)Identify your customers - include all demographic and lifestyle information.Identify location of customers (local, regional, national or international).Identify factors in customer selection of the products/services and brands.Identify the size of the total marketIdentify market trends, including information about market studies and test marketing.List factors that affect purchasing such as: 1) seasons, 2) obsolescence, 3) tax considerations, 4) price, availability, service, 5) emotional considerations, and 6) all other factors.Will promotional activities be concentrated in specific markets?
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