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Assignment:. Perfumery brands are masters of creating e

Added on - 19 Sep 2019

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Assignment:Perfumery brands are masters of creating emotional connections with their targetaudience using the many tools of marketing.Recent research in the UK, suggests a strengthening trend in fragrance purchase upto 2020. This has led to an increase in new fragrances being developed to establishthe new brand during this fertile period.You work as part of the marketing team for a top perfumery house. Your small teamare responsible for new product launches and have been involved with the marketingfor the general launch this Christmas 2016 of a new fragrance for women.(The perfume name I chose is EXHUBERANCE, the top perfumery house isChanel, and the target audience are between the ages of 25 to 40)Marketing Mix Elementsyou need to focus on the other three elements to decide what choicesyou need to make in launching the new fragrance.Listed under each heading is a series of important questions you needto address. This isn’t a definitive list, but an aide to critical thought.DistributionWhat distribution strategy are you going to adopt?Wheredobuyerslookforyourproduct?Iftheylookinastore, whatkind?Can they buy it online?PriceHow will your price compare with your competitors?Is the customer price sensitive?Does the pricing fit with our brand image?PromotionWill you reach your audience by advertising?Online.In the Press.On TV, or Radio.Billboards.Alternatively, via Direct Marketing mailshots, Public Relations, Sales Promotions or aPromotional mix of the above. The choice is yours.What budget is set for the campaign?Please note:you should pay special attention to the promotional element of the mix,as failure to communicate the right message to your audience might result in failure.
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