Introduction to Human Resources Management (HRA 701).

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Introduction to Human Resources Management (HRA 701)HR Company Report Assignment20%Create a company – sole proprietorship, your own company, and describe the HRaspects, identified below, that you have learned in class as they relate specifically toyour company.Include the names (first & last) of your group members on a cover page.Include a works cited list – MLA style – for any referenced material.Following business report format – include section headings - produce a reporthighlighting the HR elements of your company.Provide a descriptive overview of your company, this overview will provide the basis foryour answers. Include (but not limited to) the following information:Name of companyCore product/serviceWhat are your organizational goals (2-3) and how do you plan to achieve yourorganizational goalsMission Statement, Vision & Values (2-3)Number of employeesLocationCompetitors1.The legal environment provides guidelines for the management of employeeswithin organizations. Describe the legal environment under which yourorganization operates. Explain the employment law(s) that has the greatestaffect/impact on your company? Why? What specific information does this lawprovide and how will this law help to manage your employees?2.A. Prepare a job description for one of the positions in your organization. In thejob description include:TitleJob Statement - Summary/Overview of the positionReporting relationshipEssential Functions - Job Duties & Responsibilities – 7-9 key dutiesJob Specifications – 4-6 key skills, knowledge, and abilitiesStandards of PerformanceWorking ConditionsB. Include an organization chart for your company.
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