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Human Resources Management Company Report Assignment

Added on -2019-09-18

This assignment for the course HRA 701 requires creating a company and describing the HR aspects related to it. It covers legal environment, job description, recruitment, selection, orientation, training, performance appraisal, and compensation. The assignment is to be completed in a business report format with section headings. The legal environment section should be 3 pages and linked to the company. The job description should include title, job statement, reporting relationship, essential functions, job specifications, and standards of performance. The recruitment strategy should be described along with the selection process and interview questions. The orientation process should be explained along with the training for a specific skill. A graphic rating scale should be developed for performance appraisal. The compensation strategy should be described along with a voluntary benefit. The assignment requires a works cited list in MLA style.
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Introduction to Human Resources Management (HRA 701)HR Company Report Assignment20%Create a company – sole proprietorship, your own company, and describe the HR aspects, identified below, that you have learned in class as they relate specifically to your company. Include the names (first & last) of your group members on a cover page.Include a works cited list – MLA style – for any referenced material.Following business report format – include section headings - produce a report highlighting the HR elements of your company. Provide a descriptive overview of your company, this overview will provide the basis for your answers. Include (but not limited to) the following information: Name of companyCore product/serviceWhat are your organizational goals (2-3) and how do you plan to achieve your organizational goalsMission Statement, Vision & Values (2-3)Number of employeesLocation Competitors1.The legal environment provides guidelines for the management of employees within organizations. Describe the legal environment under which your organization operates. Explain the employment law(s) that has the greatest affect/impact on your company? Why? What specific information does this law provide and how will this law help to manage your employees?2.A. Prepare a job description for one of the positions in your organization. In the job description include:TitleJob Statement - Summary/Overview of the positionReporting relationshipEssential Functions - Job Duties & Responsibilities – 7-9 key dutiesJob Specifications – 4-6 key skills, knowledge, and abilitiesStandards of PerformanceWorking ConditionsB. Include an organization chart for your company.

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