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MODULE TITLE: International Marketing Planning


MODULE LEADER: Jayan Samaranayake/Mihiri Pandithage

February 2023
HAND IN DATE: 28th May 2023 before 2359 IST

Learning Outcomes and assessment criteria specific to this assignment:

Prepare solutions for international marketing problems through the application of knowledge
and understanding of relevant theory and practices.
(MKT6035)-International Marketing Planning Assessment_1

Transferable skills
This assessment will assist in development of the following transferable skills:

Commercial awareness

Communication and structured writing

Research and data interpretation

Critical thinking

Number of attempts

At time of publication under the
university regulations students have a first attempt and a re-
sit opportunity to pass this module. Please refer to the above regulations for full details about
assessment rules or the student summary guide.

Penalties for late submission

At time of publication the rules regarding late submission of work are:

Assessments submitted up to 1 hour after the published deadline will receive no

Assessments submitted between one and 24 hours after the published deadline will
be reduced by 5% of the actual mark.

Assessments submitted between 24 hours and five working days after the published
deadline will be reduced by 10% of the actual mark.

Work submitted more than five working days after the published deadline will not be
marked and the student will be deemed to have failed an attempt at the assessment.

If a student has a support statement specifying additional time to complete coursework, the
penalties will only apply from the alternative deadline provided by the statement.

Importance of Taking Assessments

It is really important that you complete your assessment as if you don’t this counts as a failed
attempt, unless you’ve made a successful EC claim about
Exceptional Circumstances you’re

If you fail any of your modules you will have to re-take it and there are limits on the number of
times that you can re-take, you may even have to re-study a module you have previously
failed. Having to re-sit or re-study modules means that your workload will be increased and
you will be putting yourself under more pressure. You may even be liable to incur more fees
if you are required to restudy a module.

The university does appreciate that there are times when you may be unable to take an
assessment due to circumstances outside your control such as illness. If this is the case you
need to make a formal claim for an extension or deferral, as without this you are expected to
submit within the standard guidelines. No lecturer or course director can grant any form of
extension to the published deadlines, this is done by a separate team within the university to
ensure consistency and fairness for all. If you find yourself needing to make a claim please
iCity for full guidance on how to do it and for what constitutes an exceptional circumstance.
You can also contact the
Ask Desk for help.
(MKT6035)-International Marketing Planning Assessment_2

1. Assessment Overview
1.1) Method of assessment

This module will be assessed through a 3,000 words individual assignment in report
format that covers the learning outcomes. The assessment method helps to develop
your capacity to be an independent and autonomous learner. Specifically, the
assessment is designed to expand your knowledge and expertise relating to the theory
and practice of international marketing.

On successful completion of the module, you are required to produce an international
marketing plan for a foreign brand entering the UK market.

Formative feedback will be provided to you during seminar and tutorial sessions by the

Summative feedback will be provided within 20 working days of submission and in line
with Faculty policy.

To pass this module, you must achieve a final overall mark of at least 40%.

1.2) Deadlines & submission

The deadline for submissions is:

Students are required to submit the assessment to respective submission point in the
NEXT Moodle in the following format;

1. Assessment is submitted in both PDF and MS Word formats (two files in total).

2. BCU assessment cover sheet is attached to submissions and NOT submitted as a
separate file.

3. Maximum size per file- 10 MB

Please follow the University policy regarding online submission and submitting assignments
on time (see Page 2).

1.3) Word count

This individual assignment has a word limit of 3,000 words for the main report. Up to
4 pages of appendices may be attached. Such appendices must contain
supplementary information only and should not be used to circumvent the word limit.
The 10% leeway rule on words applies to the main report only and not the appendices.

1.4) Assignment format
(MKT6035)-International Marketing Planning Assessment_3

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