Assignment: Observation of general structures of a plant cell


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BT 12022 -Cell and Biomolecules

Practical number 02
Observation of General structures of a Plant cell

Group A
Assignment: Observation of general structures of a plant cell_1

Date- 13/11/2020
Practical No – 02
Title - Observation of general structures of a plant cell.
Objective - To observe and identify the cell organells in a plant cell (cell wall, cytoplasm , nucleus ,
chloroplast , middle lamella)
To observe and identify stomata under light microscope .
Introduction - a. What is the plant cell ?
Plant cells are the basic unit of life in organisms of the kingdom plantae. A plant cell is a eukaryotic
cell that contains a true nucleus and certain organells to perform specific functions. In plant cells are
made up of a cell wall that surrounds. The protoplast is hollow part of the cell where the cell conducts
activities .Different types of plant cells include parenchymal, collenchymal and sclerenchymal cells.
The three types differ in structure and functions.
The organells found only in plant cells include - chloroplast, cell wall, plastids and a large central
vacuole. Cell organells are divide into three types
1 .General organells - that are present in both animal and plant cells all the time. Cell membrane ,
cytosol, cytoplasm , nucleus, mitochondria, rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi
apparatus, peroxisome, lysosome and the cytoskeleton.
2. Temporal organelles- that are only found at specific stages of the cell's life cycle. Chromosome ,
centrosome, autophagosome and endosome.
3.Organells that only exist in the plant cells.
Plant cells are the building blocks of plants. Photosynthesis is the major function performed by plant
cells. Plant development depends upon how immobile cells manipulate the cell wall. Few plant cells
are involved in the transportation of nutrients and water, while others for storing food.
The plant cell is rectangular and comparatively lager than the animal cell.
Assignment: Observation of general structures of a plant cell_2

b. Draw and label the major parts of the plant cell.
Magnification - × 10
Assignment: Observation of general structures of a plant cell_3

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