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Building and Construction Assignment PDF

Added on - 06 Oct 2021

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Building and Construction1
Building and Construction
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Building and Construction2
Question 1Establish site communication processes
a.Produce a letter to notify all the relevant personnel of the dates and times of site meetings
for the construction project. The letter is to identify all the relevant personnel that it will be
sent to. Include all of your company’s relevant information in the letterhead. You are to
assume the job is to start on January 13th2014 and be completed by the end of that year.
Include a table with a description of the contents of each meeting and who should attend
each one.
Notification Letter
Mr. /Ms.FullName
City, State Zip
Dear Sir/Madam
Reference:Park,_____County,State, Contract No.__________,Developed Area,Project Title,
Project No.PARK PMIS
RE: Pre-Construction Site Progress Notification
The pre-construction site notification meeting referenced above has been scheduled to take place
as from 18thNovember, to 22ndNovember 2013. The meetings will begin at 0900hrs and end at
1100hrs In Hollas Park. Therefore, in regard to this notification I strongly encourage all the
major invites to attend the meeting as scheduled. The agenda for the meeting the following:
Quality control
Construction schedule
Accident prevention in the site
Waste management in the site
Prevention plan for storm water pollution
Building and Construction3
Management plan for Indoor Air Quality
Below is a table which highlights all the meeting dates and the relevant stakeholders to attend
each o of them.
Quality controlExpert Controller23rdNovember,2013
Construction schedule
Quantity Surveyor26thNovember, 2013
Waste management in
the site
28thNovember, 2013
Accident prevention
in the site
Risk Manager and
Question 2Establish and review WHS, welfare and risk management procedures
Prepare a short report on the First Aid requirements for this site. In your report, make reference
to the number of personnel on site and the relevant legislation and any code of practice that may
be applicable.
First Aid Requirements in the any construction site is not only important but also essential at all
cost. The analogy and the overall context in line with the First Aid requirements mainly
appraised as indicated in the analysis below
Building and ConstructionFirst Aid Requirements
The size and location of the workplace
Number of floors2
Access between floorsLifts and stairs
Nearest hospital6 kilometres
Nearest medical or
occupational health service2 kilometres
Maximum time to medical15 minutes
Building and Construction4
The number and composition
of the workers and other
persons at the workplace
Number of workers80 (15 office / 65 factory)
Number of other persons2 to 5 visitors per day
Overtime workedYes – regularly
Remote or isolated workersNone
Injuries, illnesses and incidents
Last 12 months’ claims data5 × abrasions 3 × falls
Incidents not resulting in injury
Incident where a trolley carrying
disinfectants overturned.
Worker handling a solvent reported
symptoms of eye irritation and
Nature of the work being
carried out and the nature of
the hazards at the workplace
How the hazard
could cause harm
Likelihood of occurrence and degree
of harm
Hazardous chemicals:
Respiratory illnesses,
cancers and
Possible risk of daily exposure to
hazardous chemicals for two
cleaners. Good ventilation is
provided. Protective equipment such
as gloves and aprons are used by
Noise Manual handlingHearing damage
Muscular strain
Possible risk of daily exposure to
noise for 65 factory workers. Low
noise emitting machines have been
purchased. Protective equipment
such as ear plugs is used by workers.
Low risk of daily exposure to
manual handling risks. Mechanical
aids, work station alterations and
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