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BUILDING INNOVATIVE COMPANY TO ACHIEVE HIGHPERFORMANCE MGMT 6520D (L1)Roger Chen Class 1 (June 22th, 2017)(Learning Summary/Requirements)1.We first discussed diversified Industry case. The key learning requirement from this case study is to understand various challenges that companies may encounter when pursing innovation. This introductory case study helps to understand the complexity and difficulties of engaging in innovation in established companies. 2.We also discussed differences between managing established business in existing companies and managing new, innovative ventures. These differences require companies to develop different management systems to handle established and new venture business. 3. We also discussed 3-horizon concept, and used Google example to illustrate the characteristics of H1, H2 and H3 businesses. 4.Relating to the 3-Horizon concept, we also discussed Four zones (or Four types of business activities in established companies). 5.Then we used a table (from McKinsey) to illustrate different status (or performance) in H1, H2 and H3, and its implication to companies. 6.We also discussed 2 important questions: when is a good time to innovate (answer: typically when H1 is good), and the level of challenges/difficulties of managing H2 orH3 business (i.e., between H2 and H3, which is more difficult to create and manage---the common situation is that H2 is more challenging. You need to articulate the reasons). 7.We also discussed a hand-out suggesting some good practices on how to manage H2 businesses, 8.Finally, we discussed Lenovo’s 3 horizon business, examined Lenovo’s decision on acquiring Motorola and its strategies of managing Motorola after the acquisition. We used the 3 horizon concept, more specifically, from growing H2’s perspective to evaluate Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola and the lessons from this acquisition.
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