Bus105 Computing | Assignment

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bus105 Business Statistics - Computing Assignment (bus105)


Added on  2020-03-23

Bus105 Computing | Assignment


bus105 Business Statistics - Computing Assignment (bus105)

   Added on 2020-03-23

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Bus105 ComputingAssignmentName: Azaz MahmoodStudent Number: 11600096Allocated Sample: 9-Sep-17
Bus105 Computing | Assignment_1
Section 1 Relevant data A)For the above two variables the scatter plot is highlighted below:Dependent variable is taken as annual contribution and independent variable is taken as income. Comment on the relationship: It can be seen from the scatter plot that moderate to strongrelationship is existing between the independent and dependent variable. Further, the positive1
Bus105 Computing | Assignment_2
slope indicates that income and annual contribution is having positive linear relationship, whichmeans as the income increases the annual contribution would also be increased. B) From the scatter plot the regression line can be obtained and is shown below:Y=0.1616x4822.6Representation:X= dependent variable = Income ($)Y = independent variable = Annual contribution ($) The next task is to determine the annual contribution for the income amount (x) of $200,000. Now, Y=(0.1616×200,000)4822.6Y=323204822.6Y=$27497.4Hence, the computed value of annual contribution for income amount $200,000 is $27,497.4.C)Estimation of z scoreGiven values Average of estimates μ is $27,000 Standard deviation σ is $2,100 x(ObtainedPartB)=$27497.4Formula for z scorez=(xμσ)z=(27497.4270002100)2
Bus105 Computing | Assignment_3
zscore=0.2368Hence, the value of z score is computed as 0.2368. D)By using the given link, the value of P(Z<Z score) i.e. P(Z<0.2368) has been computed andis shown below:E)List of estimates = 10,000 Hence, Expectedrank=P(Z<Zscore)×10000¿P(Z<0.2368)×100003
Bus105 Computing | Assignment_4

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