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BUS709 Communication In Business | Styles & Methods Report

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Added on  2020-02-19

BUS709 Communication In Business | Styles & Methods Report

   Added on 2020-02-19

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Reflective JournalAssessment 4Student Name: Pruthviraj Reddy YALLA Student ID:Subject Name: Communication in Business Subject ID: BUS709Date Due:Professor Name:1 | P a g e
BUS709 Communication In Business | Styles & Methods Report_1
IntroductionCommunication is integral in any organisation, hence it becomes crucial to determine and assess its style and methods[ CITATION Sho11 \l 1033 ]. Various communication styles and methods are used across organisations for determining effectiveness of work procedure. In order to become successful in an organisation it is essential that one evaluates and understands his own existing levels of communications. For applying appropriate communication skills and methods, it is critical that all methods and procedures are well learned. Learning of various styles of communication is not sufficient for determining effectiveness, its proper application also needs to be learnt. Evaluating various types and styles of communication provides that assertive style of communication is most applicable across all organisations, where thought processes are adequately communicated[ CITATION Woo151 \l 1033 ]. The scope of this current report is a reflective analysis of communication styles and methods adopted. Post self-diagnosis there are ways included as well that can allow overcoming deficiencies and improve oneself in relevant skills of communications. Self-DiagnosisGlobalisation has impended creation of a large role for communication, especially with emergence of diversity in customers, suppliers as well as in employee base. Challenges in communication have been mounting with rising complexity of multi-cultural communication[ CITATION Ede07 \l 1033 ]. Though multi-cultural communication is one thing, major challenges in communication is faced mostly in balancing between verbal and non-verbal communications. While role verbal and non-verbal communication is critical it becomes important that verbal communication techniques are managed well. In cases of business communication appropriate verbal communication techniques are critical for enabling a positive role in the organisation. There are various types of verbal communication techniques as assertive, passive and aggressive, of which most effective one being assertive communication. Assertive communication style is most effective as it allows transfer one’s ideas and thought processes effectively. In my current course there is immense transfer of knowledge that has takenplace[ CITATION Foo071 \l 1033 ]. My course content and professor has been guiding me through 2 | P a g e
BUS709 Communication In Business | Styles & Methods Report_2
the several procedure and techniques in communication. I have learnt lot of ideas regarding waysand means to apply assertive communication skills. But while evaluating my practical application knowledge, I felt I lagged in various areas or domains in the same. For self-evaluation and analysis I have adopted various tools and techniques. The Big Five Questionnaire method, ESCI, Johari Window are certain tools that I adopted to gain insights regarding myself from my own ideas as well as from my colleagues[ CITATION Bou131 \l 1033 ]. From analysis toolsof these questionnaire and personality techniques I understood that I am an introvert person, hence I cannot easily express ideas as is required in Assertive style of communication. I lack in capabilities to easily interact with people and then consecutively expressing my ideas to them. I do not possess knowledge as to how to easily start a conversation with a person and then take such conversation ahead. Hence, I need to practice mingling with people and making a large social circle such that I develop the habit to interact and follow on with a discussion. In my course there has been various classes in ways to make verbal communications effective, one of which is by effective non-verbal communications[ CITATION Ell08 \l 1033 ]. I have not been able to learn techniques of non-verbal communications effectively such that I will apply its skills. I lack in skills of effective non-verbal communication and in generating a positive gesture.I am an extremely shy person and unable to put forward a positive gesture towards persons I am interacting with. This has often hampered my unofficial communications as well. As people easily mistake me for a person who is ill-confident and lacks motivation. Though I am a motivated hard-working person with lot of confidence yet I have not been able to effectively express the same through my gestures[ CITATION Gov101 \l 1033 ]. I need to do away with my negativity and apply positive body language which will help enhance my verbal communication skills as well. Though I have an English background and am well-conversant with the language yet being a student of management I lack knowledge of exquisite English words. I feel I have a limited vocabulary due to which I am not been able to write letters or memo in a fancy manner using lot of words that students of English easily can. I lack technical expertise in writing of letters, memos and other documents as well due to which I have low confidence in this regards[ CITATION Wel07 \l 1033 ]. I need to increase my vocabulary skills for the purpose of enhancing my professional career as later in my life I will need to document several letters and 3 | P a g e
BUS709 Communication In Business | Styles & Methods Report_3

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