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Personal Effectiveness Communication

Personal Effectiveness Communication
Personal communication can be defined as the manner in which humans relate with other
human beings around them. Personal communication is very important in life since it enables
people to enhance their livelihoods through making good use of the daily opportunities that do
come their way. Not only does personal communication place one in a better position to
understand his/her shortcomings but also it helps them develop mechanisms to make necessary
adjustments to fit in the society. In this work, individual evaluation has been done and analysis
made concerning communication capabilities and possible problem solving mechanisms required
to overcome them as well elaborated. This aimed to help in developing a scheme that is useful in
rectifying the existing problems with regard to available timelines. This will cover different
dimensions of the day to day communications styles that are exercised within different domains.
(In Flanagan, In Allen & In Levine, 2015).
1. Diagnosis and Reflection.
The Communication Quiz
This technique seeks to evaluate one’s communication skills with great attention to
accommodating other people’s ideas and giving response. The procedure revealed that more
personal effort was needed to help improve the score. It was evident in the results that much
effort was directed towards offering solutions to any anticipated problems early in time before
they could manifest themselves. Some of the individual shortcomings involved postponing of a
majority of things and not embracing symbolic communication aids.

Communications Style Questionnaire
The communications style questionnaire involves assessing the various communication
techniques that are available and applicable to interactions. This method places an individual in a
better position to understand the various situations in each conversation, be able to identify their
flaws and perfections and then make the required adjustments.
The questionnaire results were as follows: Out of the analysis, inner strength-confidence
was evident in my undertakings. Logical approaches are applied in the day to day interactions
and association with other people. Xenophobia and self-awareness were also noted as personal
strong areas. There is a strong individual belief necessary in winning other people’s resilience.
The individual strengths realized include; keen attention to detail during response evaluation
while weaknesses include, poor listening skills with intent to dominate conversations without
exercising turn taking. (De, 2015).
Assertiveness Questionnaires
With the aid of the assertive questionnaire, an individual can boost his/her learning
experience since it mitigates one’s challenges in communication without considering the
situation or context. The assertiveness questionnaire places people in a position to speak out their
ideas in every situation in respect of others’ opinions too. With the aid of collaborative research
website, the results indicated individual possession of etiquette and decorum virtues during
interaction with people. Graded on a 100-point scale, the score was an A. Translating to good
results though there was need to adjust some areas including working on individual listening
techniques and being accommodative to other peoples’ views irrespective of how they are
inconsistent with personal views. (Green & Chartered Institute of Public Relations, 2016).

Johari Window
The Johari window does place people in a position to have a good understanding of how
they relate with other humans in society as well as understand and appreciate them. This
procedure is greatly applied in this paper to aid in selecting the appropriate identifiers to personal
description. In applying this procedure, five friends were selected and tasked to highlight the
qualities they found fit for personal proficiency in communication and personality at large. After
successfully highlighting and selecting, the results were outlined and presented in a consolidated
The results depicted in the first column showed an individual with knowledge of full
existence, brilliant, orderly and confident. A sense of authoritativeness and confidence in
interactions was also detected. This is in line to the ideas of good communication. According to
(Biafore, 2015) who claims that it is very important to express self-confidence in the process of
communication. The second column showed an individual who is radical, somehow proud and
possession of levels of anxiety in particular situations. Additionally, personal attributes of being
a seasoned introvert was also realized as well as efforts to be a considerate individual. The third
segment portrayed an individual who is tolerant and flexible. On the other side, some friends
alluded that there were traits such as being intolerant and non-accommodative of other people’s
views and more often anger was used to coerce others from expressing their views. Kindness was
portrayed in the fourth segment as well as being a realistic and a calm individual. The perception
of possessing some different values in the eyes of different people is important (Biafore, 2015).

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