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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONBusiness CommunicationName of the student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1BUSINESS COMMUNICATION1. Description of the topicOrganizational communication is one of the most essential activities that are taken up inany business organization. The topic organizational communication has been chosen, sincewithout effective communication, sound organizational work is not possible. Organizationalcommunication needs to follow seven basic communication rules. These include the following:a. Clarity: Clear business communication and convey of the facts clearly in business is essentialfor effective business communication. Lack of clarity in communication will result inmisunderstanding among the members (Kaul 2014).b. Correctness:The communication among the employees in any business needs to be correct.Incorrect information being conveyed will result in deflection from the fulfilment of theorganizational goals (Shockley-Zalabak 2014).c. Complete:While communicating in business, it is essential that the communication iscomplete. Incomplete communication will result in increase in misunderstanding among theemployees, giving rise of conflicts and confusion (Kaul 2014).d. Concrete:Concrete communication is an important part of organizational communication.Hence, the employees need to engage in concrete communication (Shockley-Zalabak 2014).e. Concise:Organizational communication needs to be concise. Sharing of irrelevantinformation has to be avoided by the employees of the business organization. Lack of concisecommunication will over burden the employees with irrelevant information, failing to extract therequired information.
2BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONf. Consideration:Consideration and good relation among the employees is important to beestablished in business communication. Empathetic communication and understanding thesituation that the employees are going through needs to be maintained (Shockley-Zalabak 2014).g. Courteous:Courtesy in business communication is one of the basic requirements that have tobe followed by the employees in order to ensure effective business and organizationalcommunication.Thus, in order to ensure effective business and organizational communication, the 7C’s ofcommunication needs to be followed diligently. Thus, organizational communication is essentialand has been chosen.2. Personal reflectionI found the topic of organizational behaviour interesting and useful. This is because,organisational communication is essential for any business organization. Effectivecommunication has a great significance in successful fulfilment of the organizational goals. Theclarity in communication among the employees needs to be maintained in the organizations suchthat they are able to work efficiently. However, lack of maintenance of clear communication willresult in confusion among the employees (Argenti 2015). I have chosen this topic, since it isinteresting to study the various ways of communication among the employees of any businessorganization. The lack of clarity among the employees is not acceptable for the successfulcompletion of the organizational goals (Anderson 2016). The communications among the variouslevels of employees have to be completed successfully, such that effective communication andfulfilment of the organizational goals could be done. I have understood the importance oforganizational communication and its significance in the daily lives. Moreover, communication
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