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INTRODUCTION Business communication refers to effective procedure of sharing information, ideas andknowledge between members within and outside the corporation. With the help of proper informationat each level sound and effective decisions can be taken. Business communication help company insharing the vision, mission , core objective etc. with the organizational members so that they knowwhat is expected from them and how they can contribute to the success of entity. With the help ofbusiness communication, corporation can share the information regarding its wide range of offeringswith potential customers and thus help in increasing the sales and revenue of business. In the presentreport, different aspects of business communication will be studied with reference to different casescenarios. TASK 1 Drafting a well organised e-mail message To Marry GeorgeWrite messageFrom: ABCTo: GeorgeMary@1234mail.comCc:Bcc:Subject: Request regarding additional informationRespected Mary George,I am writing here with regards to the current state of decision recently taken by the respected Mayor of a City Council. I expect that you have prior knowledge regarding the respect and recognition that will be provided to local citizens for rendering outstanding and benevolent services to the society. In this respect, I have got names of many of the residents who have done exceptionally good work in the community in the opinion of leader. I would like to inform you that the award distributing ceremony is prearranged on October 15 and venue is Banquet. The members will be recognized and honoured for their appreciable work in the society in front of all. The news of the ceremony along with the names of awardees will be published in the newsletter of Council. With reference to this, I have also received the name of one of the potential members named as Jack Russell. Since, you have nominated its name I would like to get more knowledge about him and endeavours done by Jack towards community development. I request you to provide me the necessary information regarding its work along with evidence if possible or available. I will also request that provide the pictures of Jack showcasing his involvement in various community activities. You are also required to mention the previous awards, recognition and achievements of him in community services. Along with this, I 2

request to provide the personal as well as professional information of Jack Russell in the formof Resume. As you are aware the award giving ceremony is on 15th October, therefore you are requested to furnish me all the mentioned details before one week positively. This will help us in taking best decision. The aforementioned request is to just our suitability in processing information related to awardees as latest before the award ceremony. Kindly provide me the necessary details and oblige . I would be thankful if you furnish us fair and just information. I would acknowledge if you respond this matter as promptly as possible Thanks for sparing your valuable time. I will b waiting for your responseThanks and regards,Secretary,(City Council).TASK 2 Drafting a letter in response to a customer complaintGarment Delights.Date: 11th May, 2016Dear Cora Duncan,I am here writing on the behalf of my entire team of Garments Delight, I would like to express that I am grateful that you spared your time for to respond us your complaint realted with the big stain on one of the garments that was offered by our company Garment Delight to you. We respect theattempt done by you which also helped us in realizing our mistakes. Also, we can take care that you and our other customers does not face any such issue in future Further, I would ask you to forgive us for the inconvenience casued by us to you. Please accept out sincere apology for the problem caused to you from our point. Because, you are important part of ourcompany and we are nothing without your support and lov, I would like to make you aware about the companies policy regarding refund. According to the records of company, it is evident that complaintwas made from your end 15 weeks ago after you authenticated the delivery with your signature. Since, you have not mentioned any sort of damage to product i guess we are not liable in such case.However,you are a precious client for Garment delight and we acknowledge your trust our brand. Since, company does not want to loose you we discussed regarding your complaint with the manager and came to conclusion that we can provide best possible soultion from our end. We can provide you the opprtunity to clean the damaged garment the nearest laundry from your residence at our expense. The company is ready to pay for the expenses of dry cleaning. Again I request you to accept for apology for discomfort that is casued to you. Further, I ensure you that you3

wont any face any such mistake in future. To reimburse your drycleaning bill please send the dry cleaning it to us with the name of Garment Delight Ltd at 45 Jenkins Road, SE1 8YT London. I will ensure that, in the five days time you that after you send us bill we will be refund you the total money that you pay to dry clearner. We appreciate your feedback as it willhelp Garmet Delight in improving in future. The company believe in reatining our loyal customers and this is possible only by keeping our quality benchmarks high. Garment Delight is committed towards its customers and therefore we assure you that your complaints will be always taken seriously.Waiting for your kind response at the earliest.Thank you, Garment Delight. CONCLUSIONSumming up the entire report, it can be concluded that business communication is effectiveapproach that help in enhancing the overall efficiency of business. It help in meeting the needs ofdifferent customers in best manner. The effective communication system will help in assuring growthand progress of business by continuously increasing the satisfaction level of customers as well asemployees and other stakeholders. 4

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