Challenges and Barriers to Effective Communication


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Business Communication
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Communication which refers to exchange of ideas and thoughts is most important for
harmonious relations between two parties. There are various reasons which works as barriers in
communication and make it difficult for people to send their message to other party and
understand the message of other party as well.
Some common Challenges and Barriers to Effective communication are-
Language Barrier
This is most significant barrier of communication which includes two person for a conversation
who are not able to understand what other party of communication is saying. The reason behind
this is that their language is different. This same problem is being faced by the staff of Go
Psychological Barriers
This refers to the psychological state of the receiver of the message. In case the person is
psychologically not ready or not able to understand what is being said by the person in this case
it becomes a barrier for the communication. There are various factors which are associated with
this one factor like mood of the person, stress level, anger etc.
Physiological Barriers
This includes factors which are physiological like communication channels are not proper which
create difficulty in listening and understanding what is being said by the person. Other factor in
this is physical disability of the person who is listening and receiving the message.
This is very important to remove these barriers so that communication can be effective. To
reduce and remove this some strategies are as follows-
Creating Awareness about Cultural Difference
All the people in staff should be made aware about cultural difference and should be taught the
basic value of other culture this will make the staff more sensitive about other culture. This is a
important strategy through which it can reduce its communication barriers. Along with this staff
should also be taught that they should talk to people from other culture which will improve their
language and they will be able to understand what people are saying sometimes other factors
such as body language and barriers are effective to understand what other party is saying even
when one do not understand the language.
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