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Communication to be
included in staff
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. Effective communication means sharing of message by one party to another party
through the use of a medium.
In this present report Sport love company has been chosen for assessment. This will
result in negative impact on customers and growth of the organisation as well.
This present report will focus on barriers and challenges to communication. In addition
to this, Strategies for overcoming communication barriers will also be discussed in
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Barriers and challenges to communication
Language difference: In every nation people communicate in different languages and it is
not possible for people to understand each other's language. It creates poor communication
between employees as they can not be able to understand each others' language.
Cultural barriers: : There are more barriers like due to reason people have their own
cultures. This creates a gap when people are from different culture and they need to
understand each other for the purpose of communication.
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Poor listening: There are various people who just like to talk about their own self or about
the things which they like.
These people don't concentrate on what others are talking about or about the things others
are concerned of. This creates a big communication gap due to the poor listening habit of
Socio-physiological barriers: : Every person has different perception and attitude
regarding different things. People are more likely to communicate with the one with whom
they think they have a physiological match.
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