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Business Communication - Sample Assignment

Added on - 30 May 2021

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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONBUSINESS COMMUNICATIONName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note:
1BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONPart 1Cover LetterName of ApplicantAddressCity, State, Zip CodePhone NumberEmailDateToThe HR ManagerOrganizationAddressCity, State, Zip CodeDear Mr./Ms. Last Name:I have read your job opening advertisement for a marketing manager post withexceptional interest. In case you are hoping to broaden your company’s human assets with anachieved and accomplished professional having exceptional marketing skills known for results,please consider my attached resume.As XYZ Company's marketing manager since 2013, I facilitate all times of both theinventive and particular segments of marketing activities including marketing across platformslike social media, audio visual and marketing promotional mix campaigns. These activities wereproperly executed by me bearing results and the company had excepted my accomplishment byawarding me with several accolades.I have accomplished several achievements including very prominent ones like leading anational marketing campaign across the country. This marketing campaign was actually a
2BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONmarketing mix that helped me in learning and applying several marketing theories practically inthe field.I can assure you, that with my bachelor degree in marketing management and myexperience at the XYZ company I have gained enough knowledge and experience to add value tothe marketing team of your company and lead several marketing campaigns. I would be obligedif you kindly look into my CV and do what is needed.NAME OF THE APPLICANT
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