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Interview Transcript
Interviewee: May I come in sir?
Interviewer: yes, come in
Interviewer: Have a sit!
Interviewee: Thank You, sir!
A very good morning sir!
Interviewer: good morning! So, John, How are you?
Interviewee: I am fine sir!
Thank You
Interviewer: Tell me about yourself?
Interviewee: My name is John Mayer and I live in Australia and have worked as a junior
computer tech for 2 years and have gained an experience of 5 years as an engineering
manager in ADCO Construction Company in Australia. I have completed my bachelor degree
in the field of civil engineering and good personal skills, communication skills and decision
making skills are some of my strength. I have knowledge of engineering policies and
procedures which result in the development of the organization. I have contributed developed
strategies for the development of the organization in the long run.
Interviewer: What are your day to day duties?
Interviewee: My daily task was to assign work and to give guidance to his employees in
order to get work done. I also encourage and motivate the employees by providing bonus and
incentives. I also schedule short training program for new and existing employees on a daily
basis. I analyse the new technologies and tools, market requirements in order to determine the
practicability of the projects assigned and reviewing the design of the products and plans
made and also suggest changes accordingly.
Interviewer: What are your goals and your team members?

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