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Statement Principally, lifestyle disorders cause

Added on - 20 Jul 2021

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Case Study
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Case Study: Estella
Daily routine and habits of human being pose significant impacts on control and
management of lifestyle ailments like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases and
cancer. In other words, day to day sedentary routine that devaluate the significance of physical
exercise and dietary plan; cause a great deal of chronic non-communicable ailments associated
with life-threatening lifestyle disorders (Tabish, 2017). That being so, this case analysis paper
delignates Estella’s situation according to the case scenarios. Besides, the paper gives numerous
clinical directives and health perspectives for the patients’ health promotion as well as lifestyle
diseases prevention with rationale.
Principally, lifestyle disorders cause about seventy per cent of deaths occurring around
the globe. Even though lifestyle disorders are chronic ailments that cannot be transferred from
one person to another. That is to say, non-communicable diseases are heavily linked to a
combination of health aspects likephysiology, genetics, habits and environment(Tabish, 2017).
As a consequence, the fundamental ways of promoting, Estella's health against chronic lifestyle
diseases involve positive behavioural, environmental and lifestyle change. On the other hand, the
prevention of diseases described in the scenario necessitate lifestyle as well as diet change. For
this case, the patient, Estella need to take healthy diet proposed by nutritionist and involve
herself in physical activities.
Meanwhile, Estella pose a high risk of developing high blood pressure, obesity, heart
failure and diabetes. Accordingly, she needs to undertake intense and frequent physical
exercises; either monitored or unmonitored to control her weight and enhance her energy. Into
the bargain, physical exercises lessen the progress of heart diseases as well as blood pressure
disorders. Also, physical exercises, in combination with the administration of insulin, reduce the
blood sugar level and prevent the development of diabetes. Undeniably, professional dietary
guidelines can aid the patients described in the case scenario lead to a healthy lifestyle.
Primarily, a good diet in conjunction with healthy physical activities help develop and maintain a
healthy weight, lessen the risk factors of lifestyle disorders and enhance the overall health of the
patients. As a matter of fact, the case study represents a family depending on fast food which
contains unsaturated fats like cholesterol. Take the scenario, for instance, Estella and her family
need to replace foods containing saturated fats like cheese with foods containing unsaturated fats
and omega-3 fatty acids.
Also, Estella needs to maintain frequent consumption of fruits, vegetables, fruit juices,
whole-grain cereal products in place of cheap carbohydrates and potatoes. Lastly, Estella needs
to limit consumption of sugar. That is, the patient needs to limit the consumption of fast foods
and bread that are sugary. Sugary substances pose zero nutritional value except for foe calories,
hence provide high risk of overweight.
Notably, the need posed by Estella's situation implies a comprehensive scheme to
promote her health and prevent lifestyle disorder. A comprehensive scheme encompasses every
aspect of life such as finance, education, health and planning. Indeed, the aspect of life
mentioned above poses a direct impact on the choice of lifestyle and habits as well as dietary
plan. For example, educational levels and finances determine the diet of a patient as well as the
frequency of health check-up. Health and planning ensure effective medical management as well
as exercise management.
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