Case study. Askew’s Foods Versus Wal-Mart. See the IVEY

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Case studyAskew’s Foods Versus Wal-MartSee the IVEY Business Case posted on the course Blackboard page under theAssignments tab and Group Case Study..Answer the following questions:What are the strengths and weakness of Askew’s and Wal-Mart relative to the localmarket?What responses, if any, can be made by Askew’s to Wall-Mart’s interest in opening a storein Salmon Arm?How may the entry of Wal-Mart affect Askew’s position in the market?*Create a properly cited bibliography of all the sources used to researchthis assignment.Guidelines:Provide a title page that indicates the course, assignment, instructor, your namesand any other pertinent data.Please use complete sentences, avoid point form unless creating a list etc.Please use 1.5 spacing and 12-point font.Please incorporate concepts from the text book where applicable.This project is also a learning experience for creating working relationships withingroups and managing group dynamics.The attached Peer Evaluation form is to be completed by each group member andhanded in with theassignment.It is highly recommended that the group meet, exchange contact information, setdates for meetings, determine work expectations, deadlines, roles andresponsibilities etc.Group discussion groups have been set up in Blackboard to also be used as acommunication tool if needed. (Click on discussion)
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