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Case Study on Imperial Hotel

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Added on  2020-02-05

Case Study on Imperial Hotel

   Added on 2020-02-05

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Imperial hotel
-case study
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The imperial hotel is based in London and has 4 star ratings. They have full fledged 500
rooms and has a chain of 25 hotels in UK. They provide various facilities to their guests as they
expect high standard services from them. They have conference rooms with the capacity of 1000
people., swimming pools, bars and restaurants. The hotel has been divided into 6 departments
namely: guest services & concierge, front office & reception, food and beverages(Tajeddini 2010)
, human resource and training,house keeping. With a staff of 450 people. Previously the hotel
management was following the authoritarian style of leadership to manage the hotel. And there
were many problems in hotel namely: the attrition rate of staff is very high, customers was not
satisfied with the services and they have been complaining about the services and the grading has
become very low(Shaw Bailey and Williams 2011). The hotel was suffering from the poor
performance and it is directly effecting the reputation of the hotel. The profits of the hotel are
affected negatively as the cost of their rooms has gone very low as compared to the price of
competitors. The hotel building is very old and it has to be redecorated according to the new
styles. But there is a problem with this as for the refurnishing and renovation 60 rooms will be
blocked for the next two years(Yang 2010). This will also bring them under loss situation. In this
report the effective plans and suggestions would be provided to get the reputation of the imperial
hotels back and the solutions to the issues that they are having. These will be solved by the new
general manager.
Analysis of the problem
The problem that imperial hotel is facing is about the culture of work that has become
adverse. This has happened because of the increased sick leaves and the poor attendance of the
staff. The new manager after analyzing the previous problems that the imperial hotel is facing ,
brings out many suggestions and even changed his leadership style. The previous manager is
following the autocratic style that was creating problem between the staff and the hotel. The staff
turnover rate has been increased because of the authoritarian leadership style(Kang Stein and Lee
2012). People were feeling overburdened and thus came late to hotel and extra shifts make them
stay late and then come late to hotel the next day. These were the problems that were combinely
creating the bigger problem for the hotel. There are some ways through which these can be
sorted out and these are:
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