Case Study on Tiffany and Company

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MarketingCASE STUDY ON TIFFANY & COMPANYby Student’s NameCode + Course NameProfessor’s NameUniversity NameCity, StateDate
MarketingTiffany & CompanyIntroductionToday’s companies start with less effort with the help of modern technology which hasmade it possible for almost anything to happen(Cowley, 2017). But some companies made itthrough all the years of transitions(Cowley, 2017). Tiffany and company is one of thecompanies, having 18 decades of existence with jewellery as the main product. It is a globalcompany dating back from 1837 in New York City, USATopicAll the resources for the Tiffany & Co. come from the environment by mining making thecompany accountable for the effects encountered. Diamond and gemstone jewellery are thesignificant sources of revenue to Tiffany. The company has gained more respect for initiatingessential feelings like love between people. For a new product to sell, sometimes advertisementsare done by celebrities depending on their public influence. They use the brands when shootingvideo footages increasing chances of selling products especially from Tiffany(Ismailova, 2017).For any brand business, there must be a retail platform for exchange. Tiffany has manyoperational stores; 122 in the US, 72 in the Pacific, 38 in Europe, 56 in Japan, 5 in the UAE and1 in Russia. This made the company independent raising its profits and net sales. New marketingplaces like India, Russia and the Arab countries give hope to the improvement of the company inthe coming years(Ismailova, 2017).India has the best human resources and favourable conditions developing the economy inthe Gem and Jewelry sector. The GDP growth rate for India was 5% by 2014. Indians are amongthe largest consumers of jewellery because of their culture and traditions. This provides the first
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