A Case Study on Pizza Hut

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Research Project
Table of Contents
Title: Impact of Globalization on the performance of Pizza Hut. INTRODUCTIONGlobalisation is a force that directly affect business, environment and society as itincreased competition in various businesses. Along with this, it is also integration among people,government and companies worldwide. As it is also increased global integration in whichcompany get possibility to spread out operational functions for generating profitability. The mainreason of increasing globalisation is to advances in technology, communication, ideas, cultureand many more. All these are may impart in capture market share from competitors (Al-Absy,Ismail and Al-Dubai, 2016). It also includes growth of international trade, ideas, culture, freeflow of finance and many more. These are the important aspect show a crucial role in processinggrowth of economy. Furthermore, concept of globalisation is considered as an ability to move orcommunicate with other in over the world with the aim of running business at global level.Current investigation is supported on Pizza Hut, is a famed American restaurant chain orinternational franchise operate their enterprise at global phase for establishing its agonisticimage. Company was founded in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney. This organization is famousfor its Italian American cuisine menu that consist pizza, pasta, dishes and desserts. Report isgoing to discuss about globalisation and its effect on overall performance of company. As PizzaHut run their business globally in which they focus on serving best quality services to customersfor achieving their satisfaction. It imparts in enhancing market share and also make its imagemore competitive. Research aim“The primary aim of this investigation is “to evaluate the impact of globalisation on theoverall performance of company. A study in Pizza Hut.”Research objectivesTo assess the impact of globalization on the performance of Pizza Hut businessTo analyse the relationship between globalization and business performanceTo identify the challenges faced by the management of the Pizza Hut business duringexpansion around the world.To asses’ suitable strategies for the Pizza Hut. 1
Research questionsTo analyse the impact of globalization on the performance of Pizza Hut business?To assess the relationship between globalisation and business performance?To analyse the challenges faced by the management of the Pizza Hut business duringexpansion around the world?Recommending suitable strategies for the Pizza Hut?Rational of research The important aim of undertaking this inquiry is to analyse the contact of globalisation onorganisational performance. At global level, various organization wants to run operations forestablishing their competitor image. This is the reason that researcher undertake the study inwhich they evaluate the effectiveness of globalisation concept for company and its image as well(Ganzarain, Ruiz and Igartua, 2019). As commercial function of company also get variousopportunities to expand operations and tries to attain high level of success at global level. Inresearcher context, this study is also beneficial for investigator to heighten their cognitiontowards the globalisation concept. Through this, research worker easily attempts the sameinvestigation in future time and attain positive and reliable outcomes. It also improves thepossibilities of making research is more authentic. LITERATURE REVIEWAccording to Naor, Linderman and Schroeder, (2010)globalisation is change the wholeworld like change in political, economic and business activities as well. It increases due toadvancement in technology, communication, transport and many more. All these are supportenterprise in operating activities in smooth way. When a company run their commercial activitiesout from the national borders then it completely changes the entire process and working abilitiesas well. Mainly, it is refers to the business activities which consist cross border transactions ofgoods and services that invite more and more customers over there. This will positively influenceover the company image and also increase its profitability. By globalizing, organization canfulfil their strategic and operational needs through which firm can established their competitiveand famous image at global market. Along with this, due to globalisation, company offerstandardized products and services in over the work that may influence more customers in frontof its offerings. This will improve profit and also may cut down cost of the firm through which2
they easily compete their competitors at global market. By this, business also attain sustainabilityfor longer period that explore opportunities for attaining competitive advantage and support inexpanding business outside of domestic market. It helps in devising brand image of morepositive and competitive in market. According to Balkyte and Tvaronavičiene, (2010) Globalisation and performance ofcompany are interrelate with each other as company operate at global level then they get variousopportunities in which firm amend their market share as compared to its competitors. In thisregard, globalisation increase competition, advancement of technology, innovation, transport,communication, international trade and many more. These give assistance to enterpriseorganisation to expand their operational activities and make entire function smooth and simple. Itcontributes in accelerative profitability of establishment at international market. Apart from this,globalisation also increase the speed of prevalence in which more opportunities are available forcompany in which they effectively supply their production action in organized way. It may leadin developing strong customers base, market share and competitiveness. By this, companyimprove their rapid exchange of resources by which firm acquiring huge market share from itscompetitors and established competitive advantage also. According to Nickey, (2019), At the time of running operations worldwide, issues andchallenges faced by company that may adversely influence on brand image and reduce itsproductivity. Therefore, it is crucial to effectively investigat all the risk factors and challenges ofinternational market to enter into new market and operate their functional activities. As there aresome situation of globalisation faced by Pizza Hut at the time of operating business atinternational market are as follows:Strange Cultures: All countries have their personal culture and this is the leadingobjection that mostly faced by the company at global level. For overcoming from thistype of issues, company needs to aware about culture of customers to easily realise ormeasure their needs and choice of services. Organizational communication: Appropriate interaction is appropriate strategy forenterprise while they globalise their operational activities. In this regard, company musthave effective system and set of protocols in particular place so that company can easilylead at global market in appropriate way. This will improve the agonistical image andalso capture larger market share form its competitors. 3
Political risk: When company globalise their business that face risk related to politicaluncertainty and instability. As it directly impacts on the organisational activities and alsomay reduce its performance as well. Thus, risk assessment of the political condition sothat they easily operate their activities improve their social network. According to Wendel, (2017), there are several strategies are there which applied bycompany for change of location into new market for render profitability. These strategies can betaken by following points: Direct Exporting: This is also an effective market entry strategy wherein organizationselling directly into market in order to generate larger profitability at market. By applyingthis strategy, company set their performance and attain success. Licensing: This type of strategy is relatively sophisticated arrangement in whichcompany transfer all the rights of using products and services to another businessorganisation to run the same. By adopting this, firm may change the possibilities ofaccomplishing success at competitive market.Joint venture: This is kind of relationship that includes creative activity of thirdindependently managed company. Under this, two organizations are accepted to worktogether in specified marketplace and also create third party to undertake the same inmarket. In this regard, the main benefit of this strategy is to share all the risk and profitsin equal way. RESEARCHER METHODOLOGY This segment assumes a significant role in giving look into exercises as it gives way toresearcher to accumulate important information and data in effective way. It is considered as aprocess that used by investigator to take correct and appropriate judgement within theinvestigation (Manan, 2016). Furthermore, it also includes various methodologies that help indeveloping overall investigation in systematic and authenticate way. For attaining the same, it iscrucial for investigator to choose exact and effectual methodology that put positive impact whilecollecting data and information. Furthermore, it is a theoretical analysis in which investigatorevaluate the accomplishment and cognition about the specific issues and area in order to make asignificant finding. In this, there are different approaches and methods of carried out the researchactivities. All these are as follows:4

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