Cell Biology and Biochemistry : Assignment

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Cell Biology and BiochemistryWorkbookHow to complete this workbook:Work through each answer in the workbook as you go. If you runout of space, simply use one of the additional sheets to record youranswer. Remember to add your name and the question number.Remember to show your working out for each question!You MUST answer ALL of the questions.1
Q1Describe the differences between a Prokaryotic cell and aEukaryotic cell.NucleusEukaryotic cells contain a nucleus while this is absent inprokaryotic cells. The nucleus of eukaryotic cell is true andcontains DNA while the genetic material in prokaryotic cells is notbound in a membrane.Metabolic processesEukaryotic cells are characterized by presence of variousmetabolic processes that are performed by mitochondria andchloroplasts. These have been derived from endosymbioticbacteria. Whereas, in prokaryotic cells, the metabolic processestake place across the cell membrane.Chromosomal DNAIn eukaryotic cells, the DNA is found on chromosomeswhich are tightly bound and organized. In contrast to this, inprokaryotic cells, only a single loop of stable chromosomal DNAis found. This is stored in an area known as nucleoid.1.1Mark:2
Q3How large is the following cell?The size of the organelle is about 400 nm.1.2Mark:Q4How large is the following organelle?The size of the organelle is about 1000 nm1.2Mark:Q5Complete the following chart;3
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