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Clinique: New Product Launch Strategy PPT

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Added on  2023-06-17

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This PPT discusses the new product launch strategy for Clinique, a leading beauty product brand. It includes the target market, new product specifications, social media platform for promotion, and recommendations for the launch campaign.

Clinique: New Product Launch Strategy PPT

   Added on 2023-06-17

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About Clinique
Clinique is one of the largest beauty product
brand within the world. The main target of
Clinique is women
Target market and the
reason to choose it
As women are more tend to purchase the
beauty products comparative to men.
Most of the women in the world are more
concerned about their facial problems
(Alaraudanjoki, 2019).
Clinique: New Product Launch Strategy PPT_1
New product Specification
There are five active cartridges for the specific treatment of the skin concern
Orange variant is for the fatigue treatment.
Blue variant is for the uneven texture of the skin as well as to treat the large pores
Purple variant is for the wrinkle as well as treatment of the lines on the face
Green variant is for the treatment of the irritation
White variant is specially designed for the uneven skin tone.
Clinique: New Product Launch Strategy PPT_2
Social media platform for the promotion of the new product
Mainly YouTube.
Strategy for the launch of campaign
For the new product campaign, promotion of the product should take place for the effective way to
launch new product (Figueiredo, 2018). A pre launch give-away is the best strategy anyone can use for
the promotion of the product within the market
Clinique: New Product Launch Strategy PPT_3

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