COIT20249 - Professional Skills in Information Communication Technologies

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Running head: PORTFOLIO 4Portfolio 4: Successful completion of COIT20249Name of the Student:Name of the University:
1PORTFOLIO 4Part A: JustificationI had used my interpersonal skills to complete the report writing successfully. I hadinteracted with the tutor to take their advice and suggestion to search the key terms for collectinginformation. I had learnt to create positive impression on the tutor by listening and interactingwith them when I faced issues in report writing. My writing as well as interpersonalcommunication skills help me to success in my work. I had also interacted with my colleagues toknow how to form a good structure of the report. I had used my reading skills to develop an academic document by understanding theinterpretation of author. While searching for the journal articles, I had used my reading skills toperform an in-depth analysis of the article and gather information to answer the assignmentquestion by taking of notes. My university study has involved me working into a team. My teamwork skills help meto collaborate with the team members for planning, solving, evaluating and reportingpresentation documents. I had involved into gathering of materials and data on selectedpresentation topic. I had involved into conducting of regular meetings for drafting the report anddiscussing the issues with lecturer. I should use my leadership skills to motivate the other teammembers for working into presentation.In my assessment “Network and information security technologies”, I had discussedimportance of ethical behaviors, social and privacy with legal aspects within ICT domain. Ithelps to understand the security of the information and data. Sometimes, I observed that mypersonal information related to presentation is accessible by others. It threatens my privacy andreduces amount of control over the personal data. While working in this presentation, I had worked with different people those are comingfrom different cultural groups. I had build trust as well as understanding among the groupmembers so that they can share their own ideas with me. At first I had to gain knowledge on myown culture to understand the cultures of others.

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