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Sample Assignment on Spinal Cord Injuries

Added on - 17 Apr 2021

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Comparing use of stem cell and spinalcompression surgery for treating spinalcord injuriesName of the StudentStudent ID-
Spinal cord injuriesThese refer to damages to thespinal cord that bring abouttemporary or permanent changesin its function.Such injuries are found to resultin loss of sensation, loss ofmuscular or autonomic functionof body parts (McDonald, Beckerand Huettner 2013).The injuries can be eithercomplete or incompletedepending on loss of sensation(van den Brand et al. 2012).
Causes of spinal cordinjuriesPhysical traumaHyperflexion forceHyperextension forceLateral stressRotationCompression (Chen et al.2013)DistractionMost SCIs result incompression, contusion orstretch injuries.
Treatment- Spinal decompressionsurgeryStenosis of narrowing of spinalcanal creates numbness, chronicpain and muscle weaknessDecompression surgery involvesremoval of the nerves and spinalcord for creating more space forfree movement (Minamide et al.2013).Decompression requires 1-3days of hospitalizationRecovery time ranges from 4-6weeks
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