Study of Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC)

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CompetencyDemonstration ReportCareer Episode 2
CE 2.1 Project InformationName of the project: Study of unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) applied tothree-phase four-wire (3P4W) distribution systems using a dual control strategyLocation of the project:Sonepat, HaryanaProject Duration: January-May 2012Organization:Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & TechnologyRole and Designation during the time: Electrical EngineerCE 2.2 Project BackgroundCE 2.2.1 Characteristics of the projectI had conducted this work to study UPQC associated to the 3P4W system with use ofdual control strategy. Neutral current flows towards the series transformer are beingcompensated by use of four leg voltage sources for shunt. At the operating conditions, seriestransformer are neutral with virtual zero potential. The main characteristics of this project workare to improve the power quality. Lower power quality is caused due to increase into nonlinearloads generate lot of distortion at coupling points. The power devices draw reactive as well asharmonic powers from supply due to its inherent nonlinearity. The distribution system providesneutral conductor along with three power lines from the generated station.
CE 2.2.2 Objectives developed for the projectFollowing are the objectives for this project work: To improve the power quality by connection of series active power filterTo focus approach towards analyzing flow of load and continuation power flow basedmethodsTo verify capability of the system to stay behind stable below load disturbancesTo develop linear sensitivity features exploiting AC load flow approaches for bilateral aswell as instantaneous/multi transactionsTo observe Stability of the UPQC system, which includes the series and parallelconvertersCE 2.2.3 My Area of workI had concerned into analyzing the demand of control quality improvement due to anincrement of non-linear loads associated to the electrical control system. I had determined UPQCand utilized for controlling losses require understanding in implementation of the qualitycontrols. I had proposed that before going through modeling of UPQC, different methods arerequired to analyze and apply such as optimal power flow, sensitivity based methods and loadflow and continuation power flow based methods for conducting the project study. I had verifiedthe capability of the 3P4W distribution systems which involve of series as well as parallelconverter. I had verified that the system is remaining stable under the load disturbances. I hadprovided with unique capability of unconventionally regulating both real as well as reactivepower flow in the transmission line.

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