(Solution) Importance of Critical Thinking in Higher Education

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1IMPORTANCE OF CRITICAL THINKING IN HIGHER EDUCATIONIntroduction(Liu et al., 2014) describes “Critical thinking is the intellectual disciplines process ofactively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing or evaluatinginformation gathered from or generated by observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, orcommunication, as a guide to belief and action” This essay shows one of the most importantskills considered to be an essential for higher education. () The article “Assessing CriticalThinking in Higher Education: Current state and Direction For Next Generation” gives an insightof a qualitative analysis which talks about how critical thinking plays an important role in highereducation. The present study aims at assessing whether the interactive educational models areeffective or not. This essay gives an outline about how critical thinking is required in order toenlarge and widen the horizon of a student. It will arguable describe the main requirements of thedesired outcomes. This essay will also analyze about the concept critical thinking and willevaluate and analyze that how lack of understanding makes them suffer in the future. This essaywill also give a framework of how critical thinking can be categorized into skills, knowledge,attitudes, values and ethics. However in order to understand in a more elaborated of issue, thereis a need of obtaining from an insider’s view point, therefore it will discuss about the positivepoints of critical thinking. The Nature of Critical Thinking “Critical thinking” denotes a general idea of what it demands, but it stays as a conceptover which there a lot of arguments and uncertainties about what it include and how will itmanifest further. However in a wider term critical thinking is knows as a cognitive skill that isrelated to rational judgment for an individual. Critical thinking brings the frameworks reviewed
2IMPORTANCE OF CRITICAL THINKING IN HIGHER EDUCATIONin the Markle et al., (2013). The engagement of the student is broadly recognized as an importantinfluence on learning and achievement in higher education and is being widely researched andtheorized. (Kahu, 2013) recently suggests that the hope to review existing assessment in light ofthe construct representation, item format and validity evidence will benefit higher educationinstitution as they choose among available assessments. This method of critical thinking hasgained widespread attention as recognition of the of higher education outcomes assessment hasincreased. (Fayolle, 2013) the percentage of higher education institution using an externalmeasure of the outcomes of student learning has increased. There is several other researchframework of critical thinking as discussed by (Moore, 2013). These kinds of depositions, whichis either seen as habits or attitudes, involves inquisitiveness, fair mindedness, a desire to be wellinformed, flexibility and a respect towards different point of views.Behavioral PerspectiveTeaching practice and student behavior is given the most emphasis in the highereducation the lack of critical thinking causes great loss in colleges and further studies. Criticalthinking, which is also known logical thinking, should be ingrained in a person from theirchildhood (McPeck, 2016). The value of reasoning and logic in any form of study or generalbehavior should be present in each and every human being. Otherwise they will learn to followthings blindly which will end them nowhere. The engagement of the student is seen as anevolving construct from an early age, it captures a range of institutional practice and the behaviorof student with respect to the to the students achievement and satisfaction, including socialteaching practice social and academic integration and to work on time (Goetsch, & Davis, 2014).Critical thinking helps a person to learn actively, helps them to compete with the academicchallenge, more importantly it helps them to think more profusely which helps them to produce

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