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Consumer digital journey map1.Be sure to select a business where you are making a first ever purchase2.Show focus on one particular sector of the retail, service process.General introduction about the product/service, its nature, and targeted customers of thefirm.Create a map (e.g. a diagram or flowchart) that shows your journey from needrecognition to post purchase service that you have received from the selected brand orcompany. Specify each TOUCH POINT of your journey in the diagram.Critically discuss how the brand or firm uses a different e-marketing channel or tool ineach step of your journey. Your critical discussion should include both positive andnegative experiences that you had with the brand’s/ firm’s online presence. Yourdiscussion should also include the interaction of online and offline context if you haveused both the platforms (online and offline) while purchasing the product/service (i.e.specify the TOUCH POINTS when you have gone offline and discuss why you havedone so.Recommend if there are other useful e-marketing tools that the brand or firm could useto make your online purchase journey more rewarding. Discuss with examples howthese tools could facilitate your journey further. Your recommendation could be based oncompetitor’s practices within the industry.MAPPING CONSUMER DIGITAL JOURNEY1. IntroductionThis report will map the customer's digital journey when making a purchase through Myer’swebsite.1.1 Company BackgroundMyer confidently sits at the top of Australia’s largest department stores. The company isrepresented by a staggering 67 retail stores distributed across the country’s prime spots. Whilenot a particularly early adopter of modern technology, Myer has managed to successfully enterthe digital landscape with an online store that is now optimised for mobile platforms. The storehas 11 product categories ranging from Menswear to Electrical Goods, however, for thepurpose of this report, the focus will be the Footwear department (Myer Today 2015).1.2 Industry OverviewOnline retail in Australia is a booming industry as it promises convenience, ease of use and anincredible variety of choices. As of last year, the industry was estimated to be worth $22.1billion. As far as Myer is concerned, the company has been able to translate its traditionallybrick and mortar business to an online platform. However, native online retailers stand as thecompany’s fiercest competitors. Asos and The Iconic are the current leaders in this e-tailing era
as they are companies with an established reputation as fashion retail stores, but moreimportantly they have been able to adapt to online consumer behaviour.1.3 Target MarketMyer positions itself as a department store that provides a diverse range of average priced tohigh end products. While the company does not have a specific target market, it advertises itsproducts with sales events and discounting to acquire customers and increase its market share.2. Purchase Process2.1 Need Recognition/AwarenessThe first step in the purchase process need recognition, that is identifying if there is a need topurchase. This recognition arises when a gap exists between the consumer's actual situationand the ideal or desired one. The reason why the gap presents itself may be due to a change inthe actual situation, the ideal situation or both. In my case, I reached the state of awareness as Icame to the realisation that I needed a pair of formal shoes. This need can be classified as notonly a functional one, but also a social one as buying fashionable business shoes would helpboost my professionalism when delivering presentations at university.2.2 Information SearchFinding information about the desired product or service is crucial guiding the consumer’s finalchoice. Being a student on a limited budget, it was important for me to find out a pair of shoesthat would match my taste. Using Google as a search engine, I ran a search for “men shoes”.The search results offered me several options and among the first four, Asos, The Iconic andMyer were all present. At first, based on the available description of the web pages, I opted forMyer as the title included the work ‘business’ which fitted my criteria of business-like,professional shoes.However, Halfway through my browsing session, I resorted to some external informationprovided by a family member who had a good experience with the leading fashion companyAsos.2.3 EvaluationAfter collecting enough information, a comparison is made between the chosen alternatives tofind the product that is best suited for his needs. Myer and Asos both house a variety of shoebrands, however while Asos’ focus is on the current fashion trends, Myer’s range of productsare not only fashionable but also timeless. The factors that prompted me to stick with Myer’swebsite was the wider range of products accompanied by detailed descriptions, and the optionto pick up my online order in-store. My choice of product was therefore based on functionalityand convenience provided by Myer website as well as the more professional image it projected.2.4 Purchase Decision
Having chosen the best alternative, the time comes for the consumer to make the actualpurchase. Buying a pair of shoes involves a low level of risk associated with it as if it does notfit, there is always the option to exchange it. As I proceeded to checkout, I chose to pick up myorder at the nearest store as a matter of my own convenience. The payment options wereclearly stated and featured a link to the online payment gateway SecurePay where I entered mycard details rather without hesitation.2.5 Post Purchase BehaviourAfter the actual purchase, it is up to the consumer to assess whether his original need has beenmet. This sentiment is manifested in the form of satisfaction or disappointment. If the consumeris satisfied with his decision, it will most likely produce customer loyalty. On the other end, if theconsumer experiences disappointment, it might lead to a complete alienation of the companyfrom his future purchases. It is important to note that how the customer feels is mainly dictatedby the quality of post-purchase services. And keeping this in mind, Myer’s website offers theoption to create an account so as to allow for personalisation of the customer’s online shoppingexperience. In addition to that, the Myer One card allows the customer to accumulate storecredits on every dollar spent.3. Digital Journey MapAwarenessNeed topurchasebusiness shoesInformationSearchRun Googlesearch for ‘menshoes’Enter email toaccesscheckoutClick on link toMyer’s websiteBrowseselection ofshoes on salePurchaseDecisionChoose bestoption on Myer’swebsiteEvaluationCompareproductofferings andprices of bothwebsitesExternalstimuliFamily membersuggests AsosSelect preferreddelivery method(i.e. in-storepickup)Effectuatepayment viapop-up windowof SecurePayPost-PurchaseServiceReceivepayment receiptby emailReceiveconfirmation textmessage aboutorder pickupPickuppurchasedproduct in-store
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