Android App for Video Content Redirection


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Abubakar MuhammadTitle – Content RedirectionIn this project, we will be making an android app. In that android app, we will embed YouTubeplayer first using YouTube API Client Library. Now, we will be needing 2 android devices for this. First device is Source device and the seconddevice is Sink device.Now a YouTube video will be playing on the Source device.A TCP connection will be set up between the two devices now. Once the connection is set up,Souce device will act as client and Sink device will act as Server. Now Source device (client) will send the video information to the Sink device (Server) over theTCP connection established between the devices. Once the Sink device receives the videoinformation from Source (client) , it will fetch that video from YouTube server using the videoinformation it received from Source device.The project is named Content redirection because this way we are redirecting the video contentfrom one device to another device. We are not directly sending the content but we are just sendingthe content information and the Sink device will automatically render the content from the YouTubeserver.Now we can play or pause that video on Sink device from Source device by sending the “Play” and“Pause” messages from Source device to Sink. This way we can control the play-pause of a videoon a device using other device.This project can have many practical applications also. This can be implemented in our homedevices like TV, screens or others and can be used if we want to play a video from one device toanother device.09076382729
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