Contract Pricing Negotiation.

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Contract Pricing Negotiation
The Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program handles infinite contracts relating to deliverywhich is concerned with providing supplies and services at a decided prices for a defined periodof time. The Federal Supply Schedule Program is controlled and managed by General ServicesAdministration (GSA) and provides agencies with a simple procedure of accessing commercialsupplies and services at prices relating to a large amount of purchase. Federal Supply Schedulecontracts simplifies the process of acquisition by mitigating pre-award duties of ContractingOfficer such as determining fair and justified price elimination of the need for a separateresponsibility determination, eliminating the need to make divided small business determinationand eventually it is not necessary to make assessment of previous performance as a part ofreward decision. However, the conditions associated with exchanges in FAR part 8.4procurements are not precisely mentioned (Curry, W. S., 2014).The Contracting Officer has flexibility in modifying suitable evaluation process when makinguse of simple process but the GAO has clarified that where an agency applies for Request forQuotation (RFQ) and shifts the burden to the vendors for making selection of items from theirschedules, they will make assessment of the correctness of actions of contracting officer incompliance with the code of conduct that applies to negotiated procurements. Along with thatGAO case law makes suggestions that when discussions on proposals are used in a FAR 8.4environment, they must hold meaning and be productive (Bleicher, N. B., Dunn, W. I., Gordon,D. I., & Kang, J. L., 2008).FAR Acquisitions have a statement of work that includes the followingGeneral Ordering Activities should use the procedures in this subsection whenordering services priced at hourly rates. It undertakes elements such as previousperformance, trade considerations, expected the life of the item selected in
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