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Course: COMP1686Web Database ApplicationsContribution: 100% of course107: Web Database Applications - Term 1 - MACPDF file required - ZIP file also requiredGreenwich Course Leader: DrMadeleineTogherDue date: 21stNovember 2016This coursework will be marked anonymouslyYOU MUST NOT PUT ANY INDICATION OF YOUR IDENTITY IN YOUR SUBMISSIONThis coursework should take an average student who is up-to-date withtutorial work approximately 50 hoursLearning Outcomes:A,B,C,D,E,FPlagiarismis presenting somebody else’s work as your own. It includes: copying informationdirectly from the Web or books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework asan individual effort; copying another student’s coursework; stealing or buying coursework fromsomeone else and submitting it as your own work.Suspected plagiarism will be investigated and iffound to have occurred will be dealt with according to the procedures set down by the University.All material copied or amended from any source (e.g. internet, books) must be referencedcorrectly according to the reference style you are using.Your work will be submitted for electronic plagiarism checking.Any attempt to bypass ourplagiarism detection systems will be treated as a severe Assessment Offence.Coursework Submission RequirementsAn electronic copy of your work for this coursework should be fully uploaded by midnight(local time) on the Deadline Date.The last version you upload will be the one that is marked.For this coursework you must submit a single Acrobat PDF document. In general, any text inthe document must not be an image (i.e. must not be scanned) and would normally begenerated from other documents (e.g. MS Office using "Save As .. PDF").For this coursework you must also upload a single ZIP file containing supporting evidence.There are limits on the file size. The current limits are displayed on the courseworksubmission page on the IntranetMake sure that any files you upload are virus-free and not protected by a password orcorrupted otherwise they will be treated as null submissions.Comments on your work will be available from the Coursework page on the Intranet. Thegrade will be made available in the portal.You must NOT submit a paper copy of this coursework.All coursework must be submitted as aboveThe University website has details of the current Coursework Regulations, including details ofpenalties for late submission, procedures for Extenuating Circumstances, and penalties forAssessment Offences.See details.
Detailed Specification forthe Greenwich Cinema Booking CompanyWeb ApplicationThis coursework is to be carried out individuallyTheGreenwich Cinema Booking Companyhasa number of cinema venues, with one inCentral Greenwich, one in East Greenwich and one in South Greenwich. There is a flat rateprice for the tickets which is dependant only on its type/category. Price doesn’t depend on theseason for this cinema company. The data held on each cinema is the address which is madeup of street, city, county, postcode and the telephone number. Each cinema is given a cinemanumber, which is totally unique throughout the company.Each cinema is allocated staff, including a Manager. The Manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of a cinema. The data held on a member of staff is his or her name, positionand salary. Each member of staff is given a staff number, which is unique throughout thecompany.Each cinema has 200 seats of various price ranges such as (Luxury, Superior, Standard orBudget etc.). The data held on a seat is the Seat No, Lounge No, category, cost, status. TheLounge No should uniquely identify the viewing lounge within a particular cinema but youmay want to consider how to make it unique across the 3 separate cinema venues. The statusof a seat on a particular date and time of film indicates whether the seat in one of the cinemasviewing lounges is available for purchase.Before booking a ticket for a film, a customer must first register as a member of theGreenwich Cinema Group. Each member is given a member number, which is uniquethroughout all hotels of the company. Once registered, a member is able to book cinematickets of their choice. The data held on each customer booking is the booking number, thefull name and number of the member, the cinema lounge number, and the dates of the filmthat the seat/seats numbers that are booked. The booking number is unique throughout thecompany.The owner ofThe Greenwich Cinema Booking Companyhas approached you to set up aprototype online registration system for customers to register and search for and book cinematickets. The online system could also allow for the administrator to maintain the databasetables.
You are required to submit an interimreportwhich should be checked by your tutor.(This will not be graded but merely to assist your progress and should be returned withfeedback. This should be submitted around the middle of the course and the date willbe given by your tutor)Design the following ERDs for theGreenwich Cinema Booking Companydatabase.a.Conceptual Model andb.Mapped Logical Model1.Design user interfaces that you intend to implement for Security Level 1 and 2.Include these designs as screenshots.**Your tutor will provide you with formative feedback for the interim report which you shouldthen use to improve your coursework for final submission. The tutor will also check your weeklyprogress of your tutorial work. **You are required to implement the following for afinal demonstration and productupload:You should extend the givenASPnetDBor equivalentSecuritydatabase (security tablesshould hold users’ login details) to contain the data required for the application. This willdepend on the version of Visual Studio that you have used to build your product. Add yourtables and relationships which were designed for the interim report to theSecuritydatabaseso that you have one final database. The database should contain relevant tables, attributes,relationships and referential integrity. It will be used as the back end for your web databaseapplication.1.A web application which includes the following possible levels of security:a.Security Level 1is the basic area that all users can viewwithoutregisteringor logging in. You should create the following lists to be displayed at thislevel:i.A list of available seats for a particular price range (i.e. Luxury,Superior or Budget etc.) and film date.ii.A list of various films which are showing and their dates.iii.A list of films and date of showing at each separate cinemaAll data presented for the above (i, ii and iii) should come from the database.b.Security Level 2is for people who have a customer account and can login tothe web site. Here you will need to set up the following functionality:i.Create a form for new customers to register (sign up) to the system(save the role for this new user as customer),ii.Allow the customers to amend their details once logged in,
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