Database Manipulation and Querying


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School of TechnologyUnit:Data Analysis and DesignUnit Level:HNCUnit Code:DADStudent Name:Date of Issue: 06 June 2016Student ID:Date of Submission: 18 August 2016Coursework Regulations 1All coursework must be submitted via http://technology.stpmoodle.net/2Please check the submission date and time and ensure that coursework is submitted on time.3Requests for an extension must be in accordance with the guidelines set out in the college regulations,with the necessary documentary evidence to support your request. Refer to The Student Handbook.4 General guidelines for submission of coursework:a)All work must be word-processed and must be of a “good” standard.b)Document margins should not be more than 2.5cm or less than 1.5cm.c)Font size in the range of 11 to 14 points distributed to including headings and body text. Preferredtypeface to be of a common standard such as Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman for the main text.c)All work completed including any software constructedmay not be used for any purpose other than thepurpose of intended study without prior written permission from St Patrick’s College.Remember to keep evidence of your submitted coursework.AssignmentBrief Plagiarism is presenting somebody else’s work as your own. It includes: copying information directly from the Web or books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework as an individual effort; copying another student’s coursework; stealing coursework from another student and submitting it as your own work. Suspected plagiarism will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the procedures set down by the College. Please see your Student Handbook for further detailsof what is / isn’t plagiarism.
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School of TechnologyAssignment front sheetQualificationUnit number and titlePearson BTEC HND Diploma in Network Engineering and Telecommunications SystemsCustom Unit: Data Analysis and DesignStudent nameAssessor name: Tanveer Ahmad, Robert ChambersDate issuedCompletion dateSubmitted on06 June 201618 August 2016Assignment titleAssignment: Data Analysis and DesignLOLearning outcome(LO)ACIn this assessment you will have the opportunity topresent evidence that shows you are able to:Taskno.Evidence(Page no)LO 1Understand data models and Database technology1.1Provide evidence to support anunderstanding of different data models.Compare and contrast different data modelstructures and examine their contribution todatabase development11.2Examine case material that focuses ondevelopments such as data mining anddata warehousing11.3Analyse the different approaches todatabase design1LO 2Design a relational database to meet user requirements2.1Apply data analysis and design techniques todevelop a fully relational database withminimum of six tables22.2Verify that a design meets user requirementsand provide justification of the databasedesign22.3Use a range of database tools and techniquesto demonstrate a more advanced level of understanding and application2LO 3Use manipulation and query tools and techniques3.1Incorporate a query language/languages intothe database design3
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3.2Use a range of visual tools to enhance thedatabase design33.3Demonstrate the extraction of meaningful data through the use of query tools3LO 4Implement and test database design4.1Provide documentation to support thedatabase implementation44.2Demonstrate ways in which the database hasconsidered the areas of verification andvalidation44.3Evaluate a range of testing techniques and apply one to your own database design.4Learner declarationI certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged.Student signature: Date: In addition to the above PASS criteria, this assignment gives you the opportunity to submit evidence in orderto achieve the following MERIT and DISTINCTION gradesGrade DescriptorIndicative characteristic/sContextualisationM1 Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutionscomplex problems with more thanone data type have been explored An effective approach to study and research has been appliedTo achieve M1 learners need to consider example in the discussion ofTask - 2 in 2.1 with source of information using Harvard reference system. M2 Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniquesUse a range of methods and techniques to collect, analyse andprocess dataApply and analyse detailed knowledge and skills, using relevant theories and techniquesthe design of methods/techniqueshas been justified Learner must range of methods andtechniques to collect, analyse andprocess data and apply data analysistechniques to design the databasesolution. (Whole Task 2)M3 Present and communicate appropriate findingsThe appropriate structure and approach has been used Presentation have been used appropriately and technical language has been accurately usedTo achieve M3 you must producedocumentation to set format i.e.coding with appropriate screen shots.With appropriate technical languagehas been used throughout (WholeTask 2 and 3.1)D1 Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusionsConclusions have been arrived atthrough synthesis of ideas and have been justified.Realistic improvements have been proposed against defined To achieve D1 Analysis and Design of the database solution should be robust with suggested improvement. (Whole Tasks 2, 3.1 and 4.1)
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