CHCPRP003: Personality Development

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Personality Development
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Besides, pursuing my career in Counseling, I have also engaged myself in a job and other
working spheres. However, the basic problem, which is affecting my self- confidence, is the
Time management. Framing out a time period for my jobs and accordingly scheduling it has
pushed me into the troubled water. In this regard, my foremost importance that I want to give is
on the time management skill. After a galore contemplation, I have finally decided to take the
bull by horn. This is a particular area where I am lacking. To work on this, I need to devise a
personality development plan and implement it accordingly to strive for excellence in future.
After six months, I am looking forward to see myself as a confident person with the capability to
manage the time.
In order to develop my knowledge on a better skills of self- confidence and time
management skills there are certain provisions which are to be outlined according to the given
Current Performance in the role of my future role
The main problem that I am having is the lack time management skills which are
affecting my self confidence as well. After evaluating myself I have come to a conclusion
that despite having capabilities of managing the task that I do, I can hardly maintain my
time management which I am lacking in my time management skills and also at times I
lack self confidence to manage myself in the competitive environment.
I need to set out certain activities for myself to make myself ensure about my
performance skills. I would like to work on my Time management skill by talking with
my friends more and listening to my peer groups. I need to frame out a timetable which

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